Theater Of The Absurd - The Myth Of SisyphusWith their debut album, Theater Of The Absurd were looking to do something a little differently, wanting to create music that tapped into the melodic and inventive side of prog rock along with a sense of extremity and intensity. “The Myth Of Sisyphus” unquestionably shows both these polar opposites at play with a sense of the theatrical, yet more so hints at their true potential.

As can be expected by a band with such a daring vision, “The Myth Of Sisyphus” is brimming with ideas and proves rather unpredictable in pace, which at times shows boldness, at others comes across a little immature. At times (the former half of album opener ‘False Idols’ being a prime example) the ideas come a bit thick and fast without allowing themselves room to brief before a new segment interrupts the flow. Elsewhere this kind of wide spread influence works wonders but at times it seems there could be some fat shed.

Regardless, “The Myth Of Sisyphus” shows some real song writing chops and the abundance of ideology and inspirations is a positive for the most part, but where it is really let down is in the production; which renders the more ferocious aspects of the album rather toothless. Where “The Myth Of Sisyphus”s problems stem from are perhaps a result of the Theater Of The Absurd’s youth as there is plenty here to suggest that they have a lot more to give; if only the songwriting proved a little more concise and it was giving the final polish that conveyed both sides to their prime.

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