The Swan King - Last So Long [album cover]Chicago trio The Swan King have released their second full length album “Last So Long”. Recorded by War Crime Recordings Sanford Parker over at Electrical Audio, this is an album full of decadently deep chugging, riff heavy rock that sounds like it could have easily been born in the peak of 90’s era post hardcore.

Made up of members of Pelican  Dallas Thomas and Planes Mistaken For Stars – Jamie Drier, joined by Zafar Musharraf on drums, The Swan King’s record is an ear pleasing eight track journey, bringing right into the present that feel of a much loved heavier post hardcore sound.

It is with beautifully dark guitar riffs and shouted lyrics that the first track on the album ‘Explore The Void’ manages to conjure a really metal based tune yet retaining the hardcore elements, especially present in Dallas Thomas’s style of vocals. The heavy rock / metal edge continues predominately through “Last So Long” though there are certainly places where the balance tips more towards the hardcore end of the bands spectrum, with a punk shift shinning through in ‘The Closer The Source’ and ‘The Same Result’. Though it is in ‘Built To Break’ that the ability to slide from low and muddy, through a sweetly tuneful chorus, right in to some nifty metal style guitar and back again, seamlessly, that is impressive.

Many of the tracks evolve effortlessly in a similar fashion, making the change of pace feel entirely comfortable. So natural in fact and such a distinct, well defined sound that I cant stop listening. “Last So Long” being my first experience of The Swan King… I’m off to track down their back catalogue!

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