Sonisphere Festival has been known to throw up all kinds of surprises with its lineup over the years, and in the fine spirit of tradition, this year was no exception. In between the Iron Maiden‘s, the Babymetal‘s, the Chas & Dave‘s and the other assorted bands, there was a trio of feline songstresses that looked to shake the very foundation of Sonisphere by turning everything on it’s head. Ladies and Gentlemen, it was my great pleasure to catch up with the trio known as The Lounge Kittens, a three piece vocal group from Hampshire who specialise in funky, slinky, jazzy covers of popular tunes, with everything from Limp Bizkit right down to the Vengaboys getting a makeover from the ladies.

When I caught up with them at the end of a very long but exciting weekend. I was able to discuss with them, how it felt playing 3 sets over the weekend, any nerves they may have encountered, what’s next for them, oh…and being BFF’S with Fred Durst.

So, I have to start off, after the weekend you’ve had, your minds must be officially blown at this point?

Zan: Yeah. Completely 100%, it’s been an unbelievable weekend for us.

Jenny: I still can’t quite believe it’s happened, we’ve been made to feel so welcome.

Timia: It feels so right though. Everything just fell right into place.

Was there any hesitation on your part when you got offered the chance to play. Looking at the lineup, it’s very hard rock and metal orientated and it’s not really the world you are from?

Zan: No, not at all. It was totally up our street, we are all massive, massive rock fans, so we wanted to come to the festival anyway. Worse case scenario, we get a free festival and play to 20 people. [laughs] It hasn’t happened out that way, and we knew it wouldn’t, not in a big headed way, but we know that people get behind what we do,and we hope we can charm people into loving us anyway. [laughs]

Were you surprised by the amount of people that were crammed into that tent to see you guys?

Jenny: We would have been happy if only 100 people came to see us, but apparently there were ‘Tent full’ signs before we even played.

Zan: Quite a lot of our friends said they couldn’t get in to see us, because the ‘Tent full’ signs were up, that’s quite unbelievable.

I have to ask about the other exciting thing that happened to you guys. You got to open up for Limp Bizkit on the main stage on Friday. Is that something that was pre-planned in advance or something that came about on the day?

Jenny: We invited him to come and watch our set in Rock Royalty in the afternoon, and Zan kind of organised it here at the festival.

Zan: Fred’s been really supportive of us over the last couple of months, ever since the Rollin’ video came out. We’ve had a few chats and he really wanted to see our set, so we did the Rock Royalty set on the Friday afternoon, and he came to watch it, which was amazing. He seemed to really like it, and we had a bit of a chat afterwards and he said he thought it would be really cool if we came on before them….

Timia: I think you’ll find, he said it would be dope, like ‘Yeah, that would be dope’.

Zan: It was like ‘You guys, do your thing, then we’ll do our thing’.

Was that a scary experience for you guys?

Zan: I think it was more we were worried about the response from the crowd.

Timia: When Fred posted the video online, there was a massive mix with Limp Bizkit fans, half the people were loving it, reposting it and loving it, and the other half were the complete opposite, they were writing the most horrible things, they got really offended by it.

Jenny: Like seriously, they were saying ‘these girls should die, they should be dead…’

Zan: Even though Limp Bizkit were posting it and they were supporting us, it was pretty hilarious, so I think we were worried there was gonna be a lot of those types in the crowd. The band themselves were so nice to us backstage, they were so supportive. Fred talked us through what we should do, and it was amazing.

Jenny: You could see when we walked on, there were some people that were confused, but there were some people that knew exactly why we were there.

Zan: It’s been more than we could have ever hoped for, coming here. Everyone has been so lovely to us, and it’s been so amazing.

So, what is the next step for you guys after this?

Jenny: We have no idea. We don’t take any gig for granted, we don’t think any gig is beneath us, so we still love doing the small intimate shows as well. We love that so much!

Zan: We have some festivals booked in August, and then we are doing a mini tour in September. So we are going to be around.

In your set, we saw everything from Backstreet Boys to Limp Bizkit and all that is in between. Is there one band you guys haven’t covered that you would really like to?

Zan: There’s so many bands, so many things in the pipeline. We are always coming up with ideas. We are always getting ideas from fans and we love that. We love taking ideas that we might not have thought of and trying to see what we can do with it.

Jenny: Loads of people have requested Slayer actually, so maybe Slayer.

Now, here is the fun part of the interview. I have five random questions, here on a piece of paper. So I’m going to get each one of you in turn to pick a number between 1-5 and answer the question assigned to the number you pick.

So, Jenny you are up first.

Jenny: 4.

What is one song by another artist that you wish you had written?

Jenny: You mean the original song? Like I had written the original version…man, this is tough. I’ve thought of one, it’s just something that has always been close to my heart, because my dad brought me up on AC/DC. There’s a song called ‘Big Balls’ and it’s just the most incredible song, and I wish I’d written it. Dad, thank you.

Zan: I’m going to pick 2.

Would you rather wrestle a 3 legged Lion or a 2 legged Crocodile?

Zan: A two legged crocodile, I think. Yeah, I reckon I could handle it. I’d just go into T-Zanasaurus Rex mode, and get all dinosaur on it. Would it have the front of the back legs?

I think it would have one front leg and one back leg so it would be kind of lopsided.

[I then proceeded to show the girls how I wobbly crocodile would move…all three kittens burst into laughter…]

Zan: The wobbly crocodile is possibly the best thing I’ve seen all weekend.

Last, but not least. Timia, pick a number…


If you went on Mastermind, what would be your specialist subject?

Timia: It would be Adult Swim cartoons, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Metalapocalypse, all that stuff. I love all that stuff. Generally, as a rule, that ilk of cartoons is my kind of thing, I know it front to back.

Last question. Metallica are headlining tonight and they have brought the Snakepit fan enclosure with them. If you had a special fan enclosure for Lounge Kittens fans, what would you call it?

Timia: The Litter Tray….

[All laugh]

Timia: I feel bad now, because it sounds like I’m saying our fans are poo (laughs)

Jenny: No, its because they are going to lose their shit (laughs)

Zan: We will fill it with gravel, it will be really annoying

Any closing comments for your fans out there?

Zan: Just thank you, so much. The last couple of weeks and months have been amazing, we’ve got so much more for you all. We love you all!

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