The Internet is a truly wonderful thing. Many men have spent an evening alone… typing… clicking… playing… but I don’t personally play World of Warcraft. Another thing the internet is good for is uploading a music video you’ve made to an influential rock star who then gets you added to a major UK festival line up, who in turn build up even more of a buzz for your band and before you know it, you’re actually quite famous.

No, I’m not talking about BabyMetal, this story belongs to The Lounge Kittens, who quite literally jazzed things up at Sonisphere this year after tweeting a certain Fred Durst their version of Rollin’.

The 3 ladies – Jen, Timia & Zan – take to the stage in matching dresses, looking every bit the glamorous lounge singers they are and proceed to turn all your favourite songs on their head and rearrange them to something not just barely recognisable from the original, but in many ways better.

Jen Kitten, is the only one who plays an instrument on stage as she leads them on the electric piano through genius rendition after genius rendition, while the other 2 prefer to let their voices do the talking.

Remaining classy even through the curse words in their lyrics (and that includes So What) and the random calls of “You’re fit!” the girl’s have clearly worked hard to get to this point – this point being a packed out tent, the day after Mr Durst personally asked them to introduce Limp Bizkit on the main stage – and are loving every minute of it, with not a single trace of either nerves or (worse) Diva behaviour to be seen.

Their confidence shines through when completely ignoring the fact that pretty much everybody hates a medley (not me though, I think they’re cool), The Lounge Kittens open with a Prodigy medley and later follow it with a medley of acts playing over the weekend (hence the So What snippet) and then close the show on what can best be described as a medley of Nu-Metal hits.

Will they be a flash in the pan or will the The Lounge Kittens be a regular festival act for podgy metalheads? Time will tell, but right now they show no signs of resting on their laurels and we are all definitely along for the ride.

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