TEITANBLOOD-DeathIt seems to be a massive mission to get into a death metal album these days. So many bands have these interludes and sound clips that just make it a massive effort. I’ve been into a lot more short, fast and noisy music of late and recent death metal releases I’ve heard have just not been cutting it for me. That is until now, enter TeitanBlood.

Spain is one of the most unlikely of sources I would have expected to satisfy my need for an all out assault of chaos and noise from the start. Teitanblood, based in the Spanish capital of Madrid, the two-piece beast has awoken once again to rip us all a new fuckhole. I remember the first time I heard “Seven Chalice”s a few years back at via YouTube and it blew me away; and turned a night of playing video games into a Teitanblood appreciation evening.

Fast forward a few years from that incredible “Seven Chalices” release to 2014 and the two-piece satanic strike team is back and better than ever with their latest release titled “Death”, which will rip into you like a nuclear firestorm of death and decay. It’s fast, it’s furious and its just barrage upon barrage of incredible death metal the way it was suppose to be played. This being said there is a very strong black metal influence, which is also very prominent throughout the entirety of the record.

The record is showcase for some incredible musician craftsmanship as it is rife with incredible guitar solos and ant-aircraft flack like drumming that seems to be perpetual and tireless. It’s an incredible record from Teitanblood and definitely worth checking out. I would highly recommend this to all death and black metal fans out there, especially those of you who don’t care for overproduced shit that seems to be the name of the game these days.

There is a bit of a twist towards the final part of the record, where things do slow down considerably and the whole atmosphere of the record changes. This being said, it’s an incredible shift, which will have you in a trancelike state and send chills down your spine. This kind of shift in momentum and tempo on an album usually makes or breaks a record, but “Death” holds it’s own and it is executed superbly.

Teitanblood’s “Death” is most definitely in the shortlist for one of my albums of the year without a doubt, what an incredible release. A truly phenomenal release by one of the best death metal acts out there for those of you who can dig it.

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