Super Fun Happy Slide - Drop Your Pants & GrindAustralian grindcore mob Super Fun Happy Slide started life as a solo project of drummer Brad, but now expanded into a quartet with the addition of Nik (vocals), Den (guitars) and Benny (bass), they have released their second full length album through Blastasfuk Records. From the title alone, you may already be aware that this band don’t exactly take things too seriously, but this album is a far from a novelty offering, with the foursome putting together one hell of a racket.

One of the more chaotic albums I have heard so far this year, the band combine elements of crust punk and thrash metal to create the mangled wreck of noise that is “Drop Your Pants & Grind”. The result is an addictive noise that manages your attention throughout. The sense of humour of the band is on show throughout. From the title track at the beginning, which features a sample of iconic Australian soap character Alf Stewart through to the closing notes at the end of ‘What’s That Taste In My Mouth’, the pace rarely drops and it obvious that contrary to what you may think when you first see this album, this isn’t a band that are just pissing about.

Vocalist Nik, shows an impressive range from deep growls to shouting, right through to screaming, and the rest of the back up that power with a tight yet unrestrained noise. As filthy as you are likely to hear and as abrasive as you would expect from a grind band. Standout tracks for me are ‘Goretron’, ‘Ignorance Convention’ and ‘Tantalising Remnants’ which all show the band off as a force to be reckoned with and as far away from a joke band as you can get. They have also included three covers (‘Homebrand Holocaust’ originally by Egrogsid, Napalm Death’s ‘Prison Without Walls’ and the delightfully named ‘Clit Cannibal’ by Libido Airbag) and their versions are of a very high standard, each giving the song they have chosen a new life.

It’s rare to find an album that shows this much promise whilst also having its tongue firmly planted in its cheek. Super Fun Happy Slide make a massive racket, a technically very proficient mixture of punk and metal, but also let their sense of humour come through with the song titles and Home And Away samples. These just take the edge off a little from what can be a very serious scene and is one of the rare grind albums that provides all the violence that you would expect but will leave you with a smile on your face at the end of it all.

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