Sunday night at 7pm at Download 2014 there is no other place to be than the Pepsi Max stage, because it is here we can witness the return of one of death metal’s brightest young bands. Yes, it’s the return of Suicide Silence, playing their first UK show since the tragic passing of front man Mitch Lucker in 2012. To say anticipation for this set has been high would be like saying England aren’t very good at football, it’s that obvious.

The Pepsi Max tent was so rammed that people are literally spilling out the sides, trying to get a look inside. I was one of these poor souls stood on the outskirts but still with view enough to see, because I wouldn’t miss this for the world. The band opens there set with a brutal sounding ‘Unanswered’ that sounds like the apocalypse, from that moment on the tent belongs to Suicide Silence and they proceed to destroy the place.

Make no mistake about it, Suicide Silence 2.0 is the real deal and they will be THE band to beat in 2014 both in terms of their live show and their new album “You Can’t Stop Me” which is out July 15th.They drop a new song ‘Cease to Exist’ which blends in effortlessly alongside more well known tracks as ‘O.C.D’, ‘Wake up’ and ‘No Pity For A Coward’. Suicide Silence are a state of the art metal band, and they are treated as such by a rabid audience who goes crazier than a legion of Energizer bunnies laced with PCP from the time the band takes the stage to the time they leave it.

Suicide Silence are back and they are back in a big way, turning in a performance of such power and precision that we remember why we fell in love with them so much in the first place. They never miss a beat, and you can feel every ounce of passion and emotion pouring out of them. Mitch may be gone but he will forever live on in our hearts and through the continued efforts of his brothers.

Suicide Silence have risen in a stunning way, and look set to be unstoppable going forward, and it all starts here, with them turning in one of the performances of the weekend. If you missed this, you missed history in the making.

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Photo credit: Derek Bremner