Suicidal Angels - Divide and ConquerSuicidal Angels have released their fifth album “Divide and Conquer” on Noiseart Records. The band hails from Athens, Greece and have been churning out the musical goods since 2001. Don’t go trying to find that rare gem of “United by Hate”, their first release, word on the street is it’s nigh impossible to find. Hopefully you picked up 2013 re-release of “Eternal Domination” which was a solid metal tome. “Divide and Conquer” follows in the same vein: heart pumping, psychotic thrash metal!

Holy Batman! The album starts strong! You get these guitar riffs reminiscent of Hollywood heydays of early metal. Then it slams into thrash. The beauty is, it doesn’t lose the early metal and both genre’s blend effortlessly in ‘Marching Over Blood’. ‘Marching Over Blood’ is just shades of what’s to come. “Divide and Conquer” stays strong and even pushes the envelope of just how strong strong can be. Fans of Suicidal Angels are in for quite a ride.

The stand out of Suicidal Angels’ “Divide and Conquer” is that they have guitar solos. Not the overindulgent look at me shred guitar solos. Not the this has nothing to do with the song but look how awesome I am at guitar solos. But honest to god old fashioned guitar solos. Take the song ‘Seed of Evil’, this is where Nick Melissourgos and Chris Tsitsis really shine on guitars. They are an incomparable guitar duo. ‘In the Grave’ is another track that will sure make the listener happy. It’s chock full of riffage and presents a wall of molten sound. It’s fast and frenetic. It’s just the perfect thrash / metal song. I give massive props to Nick and Chris for the overall pleasing sound of “Divide and Conquer”.

‘Control of a Twisted Mind’ is a gobsmackingly metal track. It evokes shades of Testament but has a more haunting feel courtesy of some well-placed violins. Orfeas Tzortzopoulos slams in and minds are blown. The composition evokes so many feels. It’s truly exciting to listen to a pure metal album that is technically proficient, understandable lyrics, air-guitar worthy, and puts you into head banging heaven. For those who lament that metal and thrash is dead and they can’t find any new bands worth listening to, I give you Suicidal Angels.

Suicidal Angels is for fans of early Motley Crue, Overkill, Anthrax, Exodus, and early Metallica. “Divide and Conquer” is engaging, fun, refreshing, and a downright head banging circle pit cornucopia for the soul.

Suicidal Angels – Official Website