stream of passion a war of our ownDutch symphonic metal outfit Stream Of Passion fell on rough times when they decided to break away from Napalm Records. It was never a happy marriage. After some deliberation the band decided to take matters into their own hand and seek funding for their next album via the means of crowd funding. The whole thing was resounding success, so let’s how it affected Stream Of Passion’s latest offering, entitled “A War Of Our Own”…

With the darker overtones of the recent Delain and Epica releases in mind and the recent label hassle it comes as no surprise that “A War Of Our Own” is quite a heavy and intense release in its own right. It’s not like the band released a death metal record or anything, but the new Stream Of Passion release is quite dark, especially for symphonic metal references. This becomes especially apparent in tracks like ‘Monster’, ‘Burning Star’ and ‘Out Of The Darkness’. The off-beat time signatures and other progressive rock/metal niceties in a lot of the songs give the album a face of its own and it sets the band apart from many of their peers.

Obviously the band’s ace in the hole is Marcela Bovio’s singing prowess. She really shines on the more delicate moments on the album, adding extra fragility to tracks like ‘For You’, ‘Secrets’ and ‘Don’t Let Go’. Her violin parts add a lot of extra depth and texture, together with the tasteful key parts, courtesy of Jeffrey Revet. The synergy between the heavier and more fragile material gives “A War Of Our Own” its own dynamic.

Having that said, “A War Of Our Own” isn’t an easy record to get into and it needs time before it really starts to grow on its listener. However, are so-called “growers” often not the most memorable and enjoyable albums in one’s collection? If you like your symphonic metal delivered with a passionate and original twist, then “A War Of Our Own” by Stream Of Passion is the album go for. It simply doesn’t get much better than this!

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