Steel Panther - All You Can EatTake every imaginable cliché of eighties (glam)rock and (hair)metal, blow it up at least tenfold and you’ll have Steel Panther. They’re arguably the finest parody on the (tainted) glory and debauchery of Van Halen, Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses and Bon Jovi in their prime. The latest offering by these spandex-clad pranksters is an album called “All You Can Eat”. Let’s see what’s it has to offer.

On “All You Can Eat” the Steel Panther gents pretty much continue where they left off on “Feel The Steel” (2009) and “Balls Out”, namely bringing their audience the finest rendition of grandiose exaggerated 80’s rock and metal cliches.The lyrics are as juvenile as they get and song titles like ‘Pussywhipped’, ‘Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World’, ‘Gloryhole’ and ‘Fucking My Heart In The Ass’ pretty much tell the whole tale about the lyrical content.

Yet underneath all the layers of hairspray, make up, cocaine-filled mirrors, juvenile humor and spandex Michael Starr and Co are damn fine musicians who know how to write a catchy tune with all hooks and memorable choruses one could wish for. You’ll only have to listen once to ‘Pussywhipped’, ‘Glory Hole’ and ‘Bukakke Tears’ and you’ll be belting along before you know it. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the hallmark of a great song and “All You Can Eat’ is filled with these type of party anthems from the back to the front. The icing on the cake are the the countless tasteful guitar licks, leads and solos delivered by Russ Parrish/Satchel, which will make Eddie van Halen green with envy.

“All You Can Eat” by Steel Panther is the type of album you can put at any day of the week and no matter how down and depressed you may feel, it will a put a smile on your face. Balls out and party like tomorrow is the end of the world!

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