Spewtilator-GoathrowerSpewtilator are a three-piece thrash/death metal crew that were formed in Atlanta, Georgia in 2007. The duo of Ryan McGee (bass/vocals) and Rafay Nabeel (guitars) were joined in 2012 by drummer Amos Rifkin and this rejuvenated line-up has so far released four EPs, with “Goathrower” being the latest.

The excellently named “Goathrower” is a five-track, nine-minute blast of old school death and thrash metal crossover, lead by McGee’s dual vocal prowess. On these five tracks he combines a spiteful rasp in the style of Tom Araya with the deep guttural growls of Cannibal Corpse-era Chris Barnes. Lyrically, the band have a rather tongue-in-cheek attitude, covering such themes as horror and death as well as the more upbeat snacks and weed, and they combine the two with a punishing sound.

It’s testament to the band that they have managed to fit so much in a little under ten minutes. From the old school thrash of the first couple of tracks, to the death metal leanings of ‘Cave Of Hatred’ and through to the hardcore punk styling of the final two tracks, especially closer ‘Lets Get Drugs’. This variety is further proof of the talent this band has, to be able to switch between such genres so easily and with decent results.

Only a short release, but there’s a lot on offer here. Nine minutes that achieves everything it sets out to do. A refreshingly raw, vicious sound that doesn’t go overboard on either technicality or production, and the result is a filthy mess that sounds just right. The dual vocals work really well, adding to the relentless onslaught. Available from the band’s own website, this is well worth picking up.

Spewtilator – Facebook page