Soreption - Engineering the VoidAlright kids, are you ready for your first ass kicking of 2014? Good, because it’s coming courtesy of Sundsvall, Sweden-based technical death metal band Soreption and their sophomore album “Engineering the Void” via Unique Leader Records February 18. Those that have heard Soreption’s debut album, “Deterioration Of Minds”, released in 2010, know that it is a beast of a record and should expect nothing less from this new offering.

“Engineering The Void” has all the staples of a good tech death record: rapid fire riffs, fretless bass swings, punishing double-bass drumming, menacing vocals and an album cover that looks like a still from a science fiction film. Opening track ‘Reveal the Unseen’ is major proof of this. A blast of drums and guitar welcomes you into a groove that makes you bob your head immediately. However, DO NOT take the musicianship on this record for granted! The tempo changes, as complex as they are, are smooth and easy to follow because that groove I talked about is constant. Having that “settling in” point is one thing that is cohesive amongst all the songs, and one of the main reasons they are so easy to enjoy with minimal effort. That’s right, I said it – this is an album of actual songs! Head banging, hair swinging, pit moshing, easy to get into, and catchy as hell songs. “Engineering the Void” is not just these guys showing off how many notes and times changes they can pack into one song and how fast they can play it. Plus, at a length of only 36 minutes, you know these songs are direct and to the point.

Throughout “Engineering the Void” Soreption does a nice job of channeling their inner Dying Fetus (‘A Speech To Survival’), Decapitated (‘The Nature of Blight), and Obscura (‘Utopia’), sometimes even within the same song (‘Breaking The Great Narcissist’ and the title track)!

Guitarist Anton Svedin, bassist Rickard Persson, drummer Tony Westermark, and vocalist Fredrik Soderberg have gotten nothing but tighter over the last four years. Also, the production quality of “Engineering the Void”, done by Tommy and Christian Rehn (both of Angtoria), matches the quality of the musicianship. All instruments are crisp and well represented in the mix.

As I said in the opening of the revue, Soreption are supplying the first serious beat down of the year. Not just because “Engineering the Void” hits you like a drive by and leaves you laying in the street, but because the tunes get stuck in your head and make you want to come back for more punishment. It’s kind of like that blue meth on Breaking Bad – what a rush!

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