Slough Feg - Digital ResistanceSlough Feg is an interesting band to be sure. Their new album “Digital Resistance” drops on Metal Blade Records on February 18th. I’m unsure what to make of the new disk. Slough Feg’s “Digital Resistance” is a bit like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Listening to the album is an adventure. The tracks on “Digital Resistance” have character.

The opening song ‘Analogue Avengers’ has a Spinal Tap feel. Is this for real? The sound is a throwback to 1970s style analogue. It’s warm and fluid. Every instrument is heard crystal clear and the mix in itself is clear. The title track ‘Digital Resistance’ would be totally at home in some 1970s muscle car chase through the streets of their home San Francisco. Lt. Mike Stone and Asst. Inspector Steve Keller would groove to this right alongside east coast’s Baretta. Adrian Maestas on bass and Harry Cantwell on drums make this song. Their interplay is engaging and groovy. ‘Habeas Corpsus’ changes the tone to that of a galloping spaghetti western. A standout of Slough Feg’s “Digital Resistance” is that you can understand the lyrics. Each song tells a story that is actually interesting. Some of Michael Scalzi and Angelo Tringali’s guitar work has shades of Thin Lizzy on this track.

I was looking forward to hearing ‘Magic Hooligan’ simply because I love the title. It didn’t disappoint. It has Jethro Tull mixed with The Who feel to it. If I ever wanted to make a rock opera, ‘Magic Hooligan’ would be included in some awesome sing a song instead of have dialog moment. I can totally see Roger Daltry singing this instead of Michael Scalzi. The more I listen to Slough Feg’s “Digital Resistance” the more I dig the vibe.

A totally sweet highlight is the song ‘Laser Enforcer’. Buy the album just to listen to this song over and over and over again. It has the swagger of DiAnno’s Iron Maiden. The breakdown from 1:26 to 2:07 and again from 2:20 to 3:19 is just superb. Scalzi, Tringali, Maestas, and Cantwell are on fire! The music is rich and warm. The composition is exquisite in its simplicity. It’s just beautiful to listen to. The rest of the album has a psychedelic folk feel to it. “Digital Resistance” is full of awesome riffage, groovy compositions, and interesting lyrics. Slough Feg’s new album is totally worth forty minutes of your time, that is, assuming you can get through the album without replaying any of your favourite tunes!

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