Skyward - Drift EPSkyward are a five piece alt rock band from Harrisonburg, VA and the “Drift” EP is their third release and shows a very confident band that have developed their sound and are ready to take things up a couple of levels. Using melody and soaring leads as a basis for the five tracks on here, they have created something very radio friendly and the type of music that could see them easily break into the mainstream with the right kind of push behind them.

The five songs here are built on infectious keyboard and guitars, that have enough about them to catch the ear of the average rock fan, although they never get too raucous and keep things light enough to appeal to fans of a more relaxed music. The title track and ‘Last Parade’ are very strong introductions, but it is ‘Cold Hearts’ that stands out from this collection as the obvious big hitter.

They have managed to create five songs that stick in your head after the first time hearing them, and with this genre of music, you cant really ask for much more than that. My only gripe is that it would have been nice if even just once, the band opened up a little and get a little more rowdy. It threatens to on a couple of tracks that build up, but it always left me wanting just a little bit more form them. However, that is personal preference, but what is undeniable here is that Skyward are group of very competent writers and musicians and the production of this EP leaves a very clean and precise sound. This is a band that know exactly what they wan to do and the result should please plenty of people.

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