Skindred - Kill The PowerFor years if you asked people in the UK metal scene who the most underrated band was, who deserved to be way bigger than they are or why aren’t this band one of the biggest bands on the planet, eight out of ten would say Skindred.

Ever since “Babylon” the Newport reggae influenced metal band have been known for their scintillating live show and having a list of bangers to rival anyone you could care to name, from the Nu-Metal bounce of ‘Nobody’ to the electronic influenced ‘Destroy The Dancefloor’ they have been able to take the Pepsi challenge with anyone, yet why where they as small as they were?

That finally changed with the release of their last album “Union Black” which made the majority of people stand up and take notice, no doubt largely down to the massive single ‘Warning’ featuring a killer guest vocal from Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix.”Union Black” propelled Skindred to new heights with the band playing the biggest headline shows of their career, but could they keep the momentum going on their follow up “Kill the Power?”

Well I am delighted to say that “Kill The Power” certainly keeps up the momentum the band has picked up over the years, in fact the album slams the band into top gear straight from the kick off with the opening song ‘Kill the Power.’ Its bouncy, it’s energetic, pretty much the perfect way to start a Skindred album.

The album doesn’t really deviate from the blueprint established on “Union Black”, the riffs still sound huge and as if they were from a 2001 Limp Bizkit session, the influence of electronics is brought further into the band’s sound and the overall energy of the album is kept at sky high levels by frontman Benji Webbe‘s constant enthusiasm. Basically if you were a fan of Skindred before this album you will love it.

It’s not as simple as repeating a formula, the band has experimented throughout the album. There are more electronic elements than ever including a greater use of dub step especially on “The Kids Are Right Now.” There is also a medium paced track halfway through the album called “We Live” that wouldn’t sound too out of place on a Papa Roach album.

The album peaks with the track ‘Saturday’ which you can expect to hear on repeat when it is inevitably released as a single. Skindred have written a fair few tracks that can produce headliner worthy sing a longs at festivals but ‘Saturday’ may be the biggest chorus they have written to date. Where ever they turn up this summer expect to hear this song from miles around.

The main experimentation comes in the form of the guitar work, whilst there is still the classic Nu-Metal bouncy riffs guitarist Mikey Demus has really worked on the variety of his guitar parts, there are some seriously crushing riffs on this album. The second track on the album has a really thrashy opening riff and the later end of the album becomes some of the most metal stuff the band have done, ‘Proceed With Caution’ sounds like it could belong on Mark Tremonti album.

Overall, “Kill The Power” delivers on what Skindred promised to deliver from the start. Its bouncy, fun and has the ability to make the most miserable of people have a certain urge to go absolutely mental. The songs are great, the innovations work well and add a lot to the overall album. Skindred have p[roved that in no way was “Union Black” a fluke delivering one, if not the strongest album of their career.

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