Sisters of... - Follow Me as a GhostThe joys of listening to music in part is comprised of the wonder you feel about the composition. Casual listeners and musicians alike should have an awe about the music and become inspired by what they hear. Whether or not they can recreate the piece becomes irrelevant. What’s important is that the music moves you. Sisters of… produced such a feeling with their album “Follow Me as a Ghost”. Their five song EP is released on Crowquill Records. “Follow Me as a Ghost” comprises of five songs so lovingly crafted as they take your breath away.

Sisters of… is the brainchild of Missouri born Aaron Coker. He’s joined by Chris Clark and Isaac Khan. Sisters of… takes music to another level by breaking down barriers to genre’s. “Follow Me as a Ghost” has shades of alternative rock, heavy metal, new wave, progressive, 80s goth, and pop. It’s truly an amalgam of music. ‘In a Sea of Red Strands’ is a fantastical romp through sight and sound. The images evoked are epic in scale. The song segues into the title track ‘Follow Me as a Ghost’. The song has a haunting vibe to it. ‘Follow Me as a Ghost’ makes the listener yearn for something; freedom, open road, movement. As with the previous track the ethereal mood is invaded by heavy guitars and pounding drums. It’s an interlude of brash heavy metal. As the jarring metal falls away, you are thrust back into a feeling of well-being. The lyrics that are interspersed around the four minute mark are haunting yet reassuring. The song ends with a positive feeling, but the ride was overwhelming.

There is nothing about “Follow Me as a Ghost” that is strait forward. ‘Sister Faith’ is the shortest track on the EP and contains the most angst. You struggle to listen to everything that is being presented. The layers are deep and rich. It effortlessly blends into ‘Sister Chance’. In comparison to the previous tracks ‘Sister Chance’ is constructed in parts like radio friendly pop song. Sisters of… is all about composition. One minute you’ve got a pop song, then the next minute you’ve got a heavy metal opus: two songs in one.

Sisters of… closes the album “Follow Me as a Ghost” with the ten and a half minute ‘Circle/9’. ‘Circle/9’ is a masterpiece in composition. It’s another epic track that fully utilizes the scope of instrumentation. Overall, “Follow Me as a Ghost” is a captivating EP. It’s not something you’d pop into the CD player for a drive nor something you’d play at a party. It is a good way to spend thirty eight minutes of your day when meditating or contemplating the state of life, the universe, and well, everything.

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