sister sin - black lotusThe other day, a social network buddy of mine tagged me in a picture of the first twenty songs off his iPod on shuffle. I reciprocated the list with one of my own. I felt pretty good about my list. I usually have a fairly good variance of new and old stuff on my Zune. Looking at the list, I found it interesting how easy some of the tracks flowed into one another because of their styles even though some of their release dates were twenty years apart. I am thinking the same thing as I listen to the Scandinavian foursome Sister Sin. Their new album, “Black Lotus,” is set for release on October 28th, 2014 via Victory Records.

I do not want to call Sister Sin a throwback band, but their sound definitely sends me looking for my old Warlock cassettes. Vocalist Liv Jagrell has obviously been influenced by the great Doro Pesch in her style and delivery. This carries over to the rest of the band, and you can hear it in their music. “Black Lotus” is the Sister Sin’s fifth album since their inception in 2002. After listening to a smattering of the band’s greatest hits on YouTube, I can say that Sister Sin is staying true to their mix of melodic hard rock and metal on this album. The eight of the nine tracks on the album are split into two categories – up-tempo head bangers (‘Food for Worms,’ ‘Au Revoir,’ ‘Stones Thrown,’ ‘Sail North’) and mid tempo fist pumpers (‘Chaos Royale,’ ‘Desert Queen,’ ‘Count Me Out,’ ‘Ruled by None’). Then there is ‘The Jinx.’ It is slower, semi-acoustic, and almost a ballad. This song is just as catchy and as good, if not better, than anything Halestorm has on modern rock radio today.

Speaking of modern rock radio, after listening to Sister Sin, I am confused as to why they are not a more popular band. They have the hooks, the looks, and attitude to be at that level. Is it because they are on a label whose roster is more known for hardcore, death metal, and metalcore? I hope not, because “Black Lotus” has everything Sister Sin needs to get to the next level. It is not that I listen to the radio very often, but when I do, it would be nice to hear some Sister Sin on there.

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