Sister - Disguised VulturesSister are four dark but dolled up pretty boys from Stockholm, Sweden who are not to be confused with the other 1970’s Sister whose alumni include Blackie Lawless and Nikki Sixx. These guys look like they’re more likely to sing about a revolution in haircare than attacking the political status quo but are actually a pretty fierce punk metal outfit with more in common with Amen and Warrior Soul than Motley Crue or W.A.S.P. As you may imagine from their press shoots there is more than a soupçon of Motley Crue‘s sleazy swagger in the mix but it is blended with a harder edge to good effect.

The performances are unflashy, no really big histrionic solos or extraneous frills, just -Bang, Bang, Bang! – tune after tune. I’m not saying the boys can’t play, but it’s obvious that they have belief in the strength of their songwriting and are busy trying to hammer every chorus into your skull.

Best of the bunch are the title track “Disguised Vultures” which grinds and sneers like an evil lapdancer – it spits in your eye while thrusting it’s hand down your pants. Cheap thrills indeed! ‘We Salute Em’ kicks of like Anthrax and finesses into a chant along fist-pumper like Warrior Soul used to make. And  it’s Warrior Soul you’re reminded of again on the slower ‘Naked’, where the band manage to steer clear of lighters aloft schmaltz and again prove they have the songs to win you over without needing to grab you by the hair and throw you into the moshpit.

Some of these platters do come across a touch heavy on the ham and cheese – ‘(Stop the) Revolution’ being the worst offender. That said it is followed by ‘Please Kill Me’ which is powered by an acoustic guitar and sing along chorus that has a great knockabout anthemic punk charm.

Having recently been wallowing in a foggy mire of doom metal I have to say this has been something of a treat. Of course the people at Metal Blade know what they are doing and I think these boys are a great addition to their fine roster of bands.

Sister – Facebook Page