There is a growing buzz around Krokodil at the moment, with shows at some of the summers biggest festivals under their belt, a lineup featuring A-list British talent and anticipation growing for their debut album. We tracked down singer Simon Wright to discuss how playing Sonisphere was for them, preparing for the release of the album, and why googling their name will show you more than you bargained for…

I have to start off by saying that Krokodil might be the worst thing to type into Google, especially with regards to Google images.

[Laughs] Unless you want to see a lot of limbs that are not in a very good way at all, yeah it’s not very good. A lot of people that I know have said, we’ve tried to find you on the internet and all we’ve found is a lot of rotting arms and legs dropping off.

When you picked the name, did you pick a name to sum up what you wanted the visual image of the band to be?

It was kind of the whole reptile thing, it was more in Dan’s domain, he kind of had the name before I joined the band, but yeah it was the mixture of that and the reptile theme, it’s kinda grim, but I love it.

For a band that hasn’t been together for very long, for you to have Download , Sonisphere and, by the end of the summer, Bloodstock on your CV must be an awesome feeling, and one that will go a long way to building momentum for you guys.

Yeah, we’ve been very lucky, and I know we have members that have come from other bands as well,and they are very recognisable to people and I think that is definitely a catalyst to people checking us out. We’re very humbled that we’ve been asked to do these festivals. I’m super stoked about it.

Obviously, you mentioned having members from other bands in Krokodil, you have Daniel P Carter, formerly of A & Hexes, you have Laurent from Gallows, as well as Dan Foord from Sikth. Does that work as a double edged sword for you guys?

I think it’s worked really well for us.Obviously, if people had said they didn’t like one of us specifically, then that defeats the object of listening to music and finding out about new bands, and that excitement that comes from hearing about new bands and music.

You’ve just finished recording the debut album. How did the recording of the album go, what was the process like?

It was really interesting.It was a really good process actually. I’m used to being in a situation where everything has had to be prepared and ready for the moment you walk into the studio. With this we were afforded a bit more time, especially with the vocals, where our producer came to me and bounced ideas of off me and gave me different ideas, which worked really well. It’s ace, I know i’m biased because it’s my band, but its turned out really well.

So we are going to start hearing new music soon then?

Yeah, we put out the single ‘Shatter’ to give people a little bit of a taster and so people know we are still around, and in the Autumn the album is going to be released, sort of September/October time.

Are we going to get a tour to go with it as well?

There are some things being talked about, some ideas being discussed with some people at the moment, so hopefully it won’t be too long until things start happening and coming about.

So the next 6 months are going to be quite busy for you guys then?

Hopefully we’ll start getting more hits for us as a band than the rotting limbs that keep coming up at the moment [laughs] remember to type in Krokodil band and not just Krokodil if you don’t want to be creeped out.

In closing, have you got any parting comments for the Krokodil fans out there?

Just thank you, it means the world to us because we’re getting the music out there, and tell all your friends, look out for the album, and look out tour, come down and have a few beers. Also, look out for Google images, you don’t wanna be looking at that when your mum’s standing over your shoulder.

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