One of the things that quickly struck me when I moved to Liverpool a little over two years ago was the strength of the local rock and metal scene. A raft of bands and venues has developed into a really healthy community. So when a couple of local promoters teamed up with ‘Kin Hell Fest to create the “Show No Mersey” all-dayer, it was almost a sure fire sign of a quality days entertainment.

Openers Dismal set the standard very high from the off, with the doom / sludge band playing their first show, The Gribble Report (also playing their first show) and No Fucks Given were up next. The first grind offerings of the day, NFG’s vocalist gave the crowd a bit of advice on keeping warm. “It’s a bit chilly in here, would be a lot less chilly if you started hitting each other”.

One of the standout bands on the day was the nightmare inducing sonic barrage that was Sloth Hammer. The seven-piece band took to the stage, balaclavas hiding their identity from the gather crowd, who were stood well back from the stage. Possibly a wise decision as one vocalist prowled and crawled around in front of the stage screaming and throwing cymbals around.  The rest of the masked band added to the chaos, two drummers, another vocalist and two of them hunched over a table producing all manner of electronic noise. Highly recommend catching them, whether you like them or not, you need to see this band live.

Skitvarld were the only band to suffer from any technical issues, the crust punks managing to get through their set with some improvised repairs. Up next were Famine, a two-piece grind act from Leeds and a really impressive and different noise to what had gone before. Preston’s Nihilism Incarnate were the first death metal band of the day. More of a technical death metal band than the brutal bands further up the bill, another good band offering something different.

Very rarely do you go to a show where the atmosphere is relaxed with the introduction of a bit of thrash. Preston’s Solitary kept the crowd engaged and played a selection of old material and a couple of new tracks. A decent set, they sounded better than the last time I had seen them,

Evisorax get more intense every time I see them. The three-piece grind outfit have a new album out in the next couple of months, and used this show to really show how they intend on taking things to the next level. A longer set than I had previously seen and they used every minute of it to drive that message home. This album could be a big deal and hopefully the start of big things for this band

Liverpool black metal band Ethereal brought a touch of black metal to the proceedings and drew a decent response from the crowd. The band have played with a lot of established names in the scene and showed their talent in this set.

Cancerous Womb were the penultimate band of the day. With a few weeks to go till the launch of their debut album, they introduced everyone to some tracks from their upcoming release as well as some old favourites such as the awesomely named ‘Up To My Nuts In Guts’. This set saw the crowd get closer to the stage and even a few crowdsurfers

Amputated brought the day to a close with a slamming set of brutal death metal. Fresh from having an album banned in Germany which vocalist Mark Gleed announced “was the closest I’ll ever get to joining Cannibal Corpse” the band welcomed two new members which they hoped would “continue the bands commitment to lowering the tone” wherever they played.

All in all a quality day, a strong show of musical and scene depth and a credit to all involved to put on so many different bands and have the majority of the impressive crowd there for all of it. More of these types of shows need to happen, and with support like this, they will happen.

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