Shit The Cow - RissnaSelf-styled Swedish “Scrapyard Rockers” Shit The Cow recently released their third EP, “Rissna”, named after the place where it was recorded. The four piece play a combination of garage rock, punk and stoner and package it all together with enough hooks to grab anyone’s attention.

This five track collection opens with the raucous ‘This Is The Shit’ ,a classic piece of catchy, no nonsense rock that perfectly sets the mood for the rest of ‘Rissna’. ‘Common Enemy’ is a more subdued number to begin with, but soon gets up to speed. ‘Legion Of Death’ and ‘Down Below’ both continue the desert rock vibe, the latter flows well into the last and shortest track on here ‘The Pieces Of Lead’ which has a definite early QOTSA feel about it.

‘Rissna’ isn’t the most challenging or original release you will hear in 2014, but that isn’t the aim, There isn’t much you wont find on many other records, but this is a catchy selection of tunes that shows that the band have an ear for a decent riff. They have captured a sound that isn’t too heavy, but it has enough about it to appease fans of the noisier stuff too. Peter Soderberg’s vocals offer something a little different. The simple, well-built tunes are a credit to the bass / guitar work of both Daniel Kjellberg and Erik Rosenberg. There may not be anything too amazing about “Rissna”, but there is very little wrong with it also.

Shit The Cow – Official Website