Sguaguarahchristis - Der NachtSguaguarahchristis are a three-piece black metal band from Italy, and “Der Nacht” is the second full-length release in the three-year existence in the bands existence (the band was originally formed as a solo project by the late J. J. Nehero back in 2008). The current line up of Pesten Antilight (vocals, bass, guitars, synth). Abraxas Xull (guitars) and Ordalak (drums) base their style very much on the primitive early nineties Scandinavian scene, although offer more melody than that particular era of extreme metal.

An eerie intro beckons in the album and ‘Act I: Under The Moon We Are Hunters’ before it all crumbles down and the barrage of noise begins with its bare production and vicious sound. ‘Act II: Transparent Tears From Saturnus’ continues with this chaotic sound, although it does feature the first hints of harmony as the track fades out with a serene piano outro. The way the tracks are put together is intriguing, with the vocals sounding as thought they are trapped in amongst the noise rather than dominating the sound. This follows into ‘Act III: Black Waves Of They Winter’ before the instrumental ‘Act IV: My Sideral Journey’ which proves to be a bit of a watershed of the album.

The second half of “Der Nacht” dispenses with much of the full on brutality of the earlier part of the album, and instead concentrates more of the melodic style that had only been hinted at earlier, although ‘Act VI: Mother Night Eternal Labyrinth’ brings back some of the fury of before, although only briefly. The synth led outro of this leads into the 11 minutes epic title track, which closes the album. The track, which takes up around a quarter of the albums total running time is slow and heavy, focusing on harmony at times and ends with a couple of minutes of minimal synth before fading out.

Whilst instantly recognizable as black metal, the album as a whole takes a slightly different approach to many of their peers, and this is to their credit. This style of music shouldn’t be too clean or nice, and they have used the production to their advantage, keeping the raw sound throughout even the quieter moments. A decent album, maybe a little disjointed in the track listing by having the faster track in amongst the slower material of the second half of the album, but on the whole a good listen and well worth your time.

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