Servers - Leave With UsThe closing of hard working UK record label Undergroove Records a few years back was met with plenty of sadness in the national rock scene, given their championing and discovery of several of the country’s finest bands, such as Charger, Johnny Truant and Eden Maine. However the label has now been resurrected, with one of the first releases being the debut album from Northern three-piece Servers featuring Lee Storrar of former Undergroove stalwarts G.U. Medicine.

Right from the off it’s easily evident that Undergroove have picked an absolute belter of a record to herald their comeback. “Leave With Us” is one fine-tuned rocking beast bursting at the seams with melodies, hard-rock riffs and most importantly, passionate and engaging songwriting. Combing a wide-ranging set of influences from across the rock and metal spectrum, the only real criticism is that the band are perhaps too difficult to categorise, although a more muscular Killing Joke would be a good start, backed up by the infectious hooks of The Foo Fighters and the burly swagger of Mastodon.

Tracks such as the pounding melodies of first single ‘Universes and Supernovas’, the driving passion of ‘Run With the Foxes’ and the pompous stomp of ‘Do Gooders’, with its irresistible Muse meets Clutch marching vibe will have fans of any of the aforementioned bands wholly satisfied and will impel any competitors resting on their laurels to up their game significantly, lest they get left behind in Servers’ wake, so impressive is the range of songs on display here. The musicianship is stellar throughout with each member playing with passion and vigour, and the no-nonsense production allows each instrument to be heard loud and clear. The subtle orchestral flourishes give things a touch of class as well.

As debut albums go, this is one of the finest to be released in a long time. The successful combining of disparate elements into such a cohesive whole makes “Leave With Us” a joy to listen to and marks Servers out as a band who deserve your undivided attention. Let’s hope they get all the support they deserve.

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