Scott-Ian-Swearing-Words dvdFilmed during his run of shows in the UK in 2013, this document of the Glasgow show of that tour is a collection of anecdotes and memories about life on the road with one of the most enduring and celebrated characters in metal. During his 30 year career, Scott Ian he been there done that, and has a wealth of stories to choose from, and this is the first chance for many to hear a selection of them.

Right from the start, its obvious that Scott is having as much fun as he ever has done, and is also presenting this show from a fans point of view as much as the hard worn musician on the road. He starts with a reading from Anthony Keidis’ autobiography (which isn’t shown for copyright reasons), and then goes on to prove that this isn’t just an exercise in name dropping by saying some unkind (but true) things about the man and the band. Then there is the great story of his first time over in the UK, where he ended up drinking with his hero Lemmy, and the aftermath that follows such an occasion.

From then on, we are treat to more stories (Lemmy again cropping up on more than one occasion), and also the time he met Steven Spielberg at a TV event in Germany and ended up discussing their mutual acquaintance Al Jourgensen of Ministry. The show finishes with a tribute and recollection to his good friend ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott. He talks about their times on the road together and a about some of the pranks they pulled.

It’s great to see someone who has been around for such a long time still have the obvious enthusiasm he has for life on the road. He doesn’t seem jaded or bitter at all, just a fan that made it doing his favourite thing. He is enjoying recalling some of his many memories, but sometimes he does seem a little bit nervous, although that could be down to the fact that it is just him and a microphone onstage with no guitar or band mates, but he soon warms up and the supportive crowd eager for stories, the show is a big success. Hopefully there will be another opportunity to see him do this again, as I was gutted to miss the tour, and there must be a hell of a lot more stories

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