Savage Messiah - The Fateful DarkWhilst not newcomers to the British scene, London based thrashers Savage Messiah have been making waves for themselves in recent months. Off the back of their recent tour as main support to groove legends Soulfly the four piece have released their second album called “The Fateful Dark,” which is the bands first album released through Earache Records and sees the band continue the bands signature sound of energetic thrash influence metal with soaring guitar and vocal melodies.

“The Fateful Dark” certainly does not skimp on the speed, nearly every track on the album has lightning quick drums and ferociously fret pounding riffs aplenty. In truth, there isn’t a dull moment on the album, which is largely down to the constant pace that the album maintains throughout.

The album’s main streams are certainly its riffs and soloing, especially on the early tracks. Lead guitarists Joff Bailey and Dave Silver deliver some truly brilliant duelling guitar moments throughout the record that are comparable to 80’s era Megadeth, whilst also being able to maintain the interest of listens who aren’t completely sold by indulgent and twiddly guitar playing.

Whilst also showing off the virtuosity of the guitar work, the band have managed to combine it with powerful vocal lines with catchy hooks and choruses. The second track on the album ‘Minority Of One’ has a great Hetfield-esque chorus that wraps around your head and burrows in like a tape worm, refusing to leave for days on end.

Overall, “Fateful Dark” proves that Savage Messiah are on the right track to become a solid heavy metal/trash band over the next years if they maintain their current trajectory. They remind me of what Bullet For My Valentine could have been if they didn’t lose themselves in the world of radio rock.

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