Savage Messiah are without a doubt one of the finest British metal bands around. Formed in 2007 and signed to Earache Records, the 4 piece have been doing a European tour in support of this year’s album “The Fateful Dark”. ThisIsNotAScene caught up with the boys backstage in Southampton.

How’s the tour been so far?

Dave Silver (guitar/vocals): It’s been really good, I mean, this is like the last leg as we started last month in Europe – it’s not been one continuous tour, we’ve had a couple of breaks and stuff, but it’s been really good. We’ve been surprised by the turn out and our ability to headline. When you headline it’s different, we’re used to supporting. We’ve also improved a lot as a band.

How was mainland Europe?

DS: Yeah, it was wicked, we’ve played as a support quite a few times so this was our first time headlining there and it was really good.

Where’s the best place to play live?

DS: France at the moment… They know their metal man.

I did not expect that. I don’t know what to say.

DS: Their scene has come alive, I suspect due to the success of Hellfest. We had a guy jump onstage in Dijon, doing the whole “we’re not worthy” thing, it was mental.

The new album “The Fateful Dark” has been out for a few months now – how is it going down now that you have had a chance to promote it?

DS: It’s good man, it’s a strong record – easily our strongest album to date – we found our sound on it, which is why we’re so happy with it. “On Plague of Conscience” we were experimenting a bit too much, looking for a sound so that album is stylistically a little all over the place.

I could hear specific influences of certain bands on that album

DS: Yeah, I mean, Fateful Dark is the second album with Joff (Bailey, guitars), but his first one contributing and that made a big difference.

And how has the tour been for you Andrea?

Andrea Gorio: Yeah, it’s been really good, we did a few gigs with the The More I See guys and they’re really cool.

Do you prefer playing older or newer material?

AG: I would say straight away, the newer stuff because I’ve recorded it you know? I got a couple of songs like ‘Zero Hour’ that I love to play because it’s a good mix of really heavy metal stuff along with some thrash in it and ‘Cross of Babylon’ is my favourite song.

DS: I always like new stuff because it’s fresh – I’m really enjoying ‘Hellblazer’ at the moment. It was actually written in the studio, it was just a few ideas before.

AG: It’s a bit crazy because it became the video…

DS: …and our most played song on Spotify.

And here is Joff! Joff, sum up the tour in one word…

Joff Bailey: SAVAGE!! It’s been emotional…

DS: It has actually, we’ve had some good ups and downs this year.

JB: It’s been bittersweet, but a good year.

DS: When we were on the boat home and we got the email confirming we were support for Amon Amarth, that was cool!

How has it been headlining this tour compared to your last one supporting Soulfly?

DS: It’s been interesting – and I don’t want to jinx it – but I’ve been surprised that people have come out to watch us and in Savage Messiah t-shirts. We felt like a headliner, not just having a longer set and reminds me of the tour we did with Evile in 2011.

JB: It’s nice to have a bit of time to get your momentum going, when you’re a support act you got half an hour and as soon as you’ve started it’s over, but now we can deliver the set we want to deliver.

AG: Plus all of the people in the venue are there for you.

Can you see the benefits of that tour? Is there a difference before and after?

DS: It’s hard to quantify…

JB: In some ways yes, for example we’ve done small shows in Southampton before, but playing with Soulfly more people have come out that might not have done to see you…

DS: Max’s audience is split anyway – you have the old school Sepultura fans who would be interested in what we do, then there’s the more recent nu-metal fans who were there in 1999…

They do not know what riffs are don’t they Dave?

DS: No man…they write in binary.

So, we are halfway through November, WHAT HAVE WE GOT FOR 2015, what else do you have for 2015, other than the Amon Amarth tour?

DS: Good question….ummm….I don’t think we have anything yet, but we will! The Amon Amarth tour is 28 dates and after that we are going to America. We haven’t got anything confirmed yet, but we’ll be lining up some showcase stuff.

AG: We’ll be recording the next album too, we’re already writing.

When do you think you will hit the studio for that?

JB: Sooner the better really. Like Dave touched on earlier, we found our stride with Fateful Dark, it’s a good mix of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal stuff we like and the American Thrash, so we’re really keen to get back in the studio. We’ve got a few new songs around, we need to get rehearsed.

Have there been more females in the audience now after Mr January over there?

JB: Chicks at metal gigs? What is this thing of which you speak?

DS: It was what we refer to as a sausage fest. Touring together though, it’s just guys, not that glamorous…it’s like sailors or something…

JB: That’s where the phrase comes from – “what goes on tour, stays on tour” – coz fuck all else happens… except checking out each others’ cocks in the van.

WOW. That is an Exlusive – “Joff checks out other guys cocks in the van!”

DS: In “vans.”

Oh not even the same van? Just vans in general…

DS: That’s right…

We are recording this in the first wave of Download announcements – just because you know what the internet is like with any Download news – what is your take on the addition of Muse?

DS: They’re a great live band, they put on a great show, I’m sure they’ll attract a lot of people to the festival. Muse are a headlining band, they deserve to be there.

JB: It’s not my cup of tea, but…

DS: Yeah, it’s not my kind of music, but I don’t have any problem with it.

JB: There’s no denying they’re a top class live act, why the hell not? And they haven’t had a band like them headline before as far as I know…

Download has not been  a “metal festival” for years, it’s rock – it’s more rock than Reading will ever be, but everyone still considers this a metal festival.

DS: No…

Any exclusive festival news for next year?

DS: It’s too early for us, we’ll see what happens.

JB: If they book us we’ll come, obviously.

“If they book us we will come”

DS: That is our rule, we live by that, we die by that.

Finally, any message for the fans?

JB: ~belch~

DS: Thank you for your continued support.

To keep up with the band and see the dates for the Amon Amarth tour mentioned above (with opening act Huntress) you can jump online and check out Savage Messiah on Facebook or their Official Website.