Sahg - Delusions of GrandeurSahg is a Norwegian stoner rock/doom metal band which members are also involved with renowned acts like Audrey Horne and Gorgoroth. These Norwegians just released their fourth album, entitled “Delusions Of Grandeur”. Let’s take a closer look.

“Delusions Of Grandeur” sees the band branching out of their stoner rock/doom metal comfort zone and add some psychedelica, prog rock and sludge metal influences to their musical repertoire. This is a good thing, because it makes for a much more interesting and adventurous listening experience. Tracks like ‘Firechild’ and ‘Walls Of Delusion’ are bordering Mastodon and Kylesa country, but Sahg never lose their own unique identity. It’s a mere reference of what the aforementioned songs have to offer in terms of quality and scope.

‘Blizzardborne’ and ‘Ether’ are more conventional Sahg tracks and they’re more in line in what the band has done on their previous records. The piece de resistance is ‘Sleeper’s Gate To The Galaxy’, which is easily the most ambitious composition on “Delusion Of Grandeur”. It’s an eleven plus minute adventure through the realms of prog, space rock, stoner rock and doom metal. One could say that the aforementioned track is the musical synopsis of what this album has to offer and the amount of growth Sahg underwent since their previous effort.

With “Delusions Of Grandeur” Sahg delivered their most mature and ambitious record to date. It features great songs and they’re not afraid to look beyond their musical boundaries. If you want something a little different and you’re appreciative of what Kylesa and Mastodon have done lately, then this is the album for you.

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