Rough Hands - Nothings ChangedFresh off of tour with Cro-Mags and Judge, this South London based five piece Rough Hands release the beautifully dark punk hardcore 7” that is “Nothing’s Changed”. A blink and you’ve missed it extremely fast paced five track EP, gloriously unique and unreserved; this is one to chuck on loud and just enjoy.

Such a delicious murky, gloomy, solemn sound is what greets you immediately but it’s definitely the darker reflective musings of the lyrical content conveyed with so much aggressive energy that makes this record truly special.

Rough Hands have taken care to build themselves a remarkably individual sound that though seats them amidst the currently thriving hardcore punk scene here in the UK , is still not quite like anyone else. Though a few little musical influences seep through to the forefront, they are not allowed to become defining or to take away in any part, Rough Hands are just confidently being themselves and it shows.

If you like your hardcore sounding raw and perfectly riotous with a dark, deep bassy driven melody then “Nothing’s Changed” is more than worth it’s just over ten minutes of your time. A definite must for all those still missing Dead Swans.

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