After being blown away by their debut album “Smoke & FeathersThisIsNotAScene‘s Ian Girle caught up with Crowsaw‘s frontman and guitarist Rob Lomax for a short interview. They talked about the local rock scene, the “BBC Introducing Session”, musical influences and much, much more…

The three piece, while hugely successful in the history of rock, might not be every new band’s first choice of line-up. What made you decide to do it this way?

We decided to become a three piece as there is a distinct lack of vocalists in this area. I had a go and it seems to have panned out OK… Also, the less of you involved in something then theoretically it is a simpler process. There’s a great vibe off a three piece generally.

What’s the rock scene like in your part of the UK?

The rock scene is pretty sparse around here, there are some great bands and venues further into Wales but not much in the way of venues in our area. Although Hereford does seem to be getting it on at the moment due to the involvement of Hereford Live.

Any plans to take the album out on tour?

We would dearly love to tour the album. In an ideal world, as a support band for someone with better profile than us, that would be great exposure for us!

You played a great set on the “BBC Introducing session” in 2012. Are there any more radio appearances on the cards?

We have nothing planned for radio appearances as yet but the BBC introducing set was a great afternoon out, loved it!

Tell me about your musical influences

Influences, well, Glyn is an old school rocker, the likes of Rainbow, Tesla, Deep Purple etc. Elvin’s Father was a drummer with impeccable musical taste so Elv has a vast knowledge of Blues, Rock, Soul and Jazz. I come from the old shred shed. I used to listen to a lot of that stuff although have drifted into much earthier stuff. Recently I gained a lot of inspiration from Paul Rose, a superb player.

Rob, you play a Telecaster. What is it about the Tele that suits your playing?

I actually bought that telecaster when playing in a grunge rock outfit in the 90’s and ended up using it for a few other things.The amazing thing about it is, it’s actually a Tanglewood.

I had it set up by a mate who was a tech for Pearl Jam at the time and actually got one of their neck plates on it! Anyway, I have owned all sorts of guitars but can find nothing that plays like that one. It’s called ODB… ole dirty bitch! 🙂

Who is Chiefy?

Chiefy is the son of Dus ( pronounced juice). Dus is a wood demon we found on the hill above my house. Mad little thing that looks a bit like Pan, except you have to keep his face wrapped in kitten skin, this calms him and stops him rampaging. Last time his face was uncovered he vanished for a month, then returned with Chiefy. We think he mated with a polecat, not sure really. He is a great guy though always hangs with us at gigs!

What’s next for Crowsaw?

What’s next for us? I don’t know really. We are playing the Heart of Rock and Blues fest at Builth soon, also got lots of dates through the summer. Maybe a label will come along, maybe not, for the time being we will be keeping it real and gigging the summer away. Live is our happy place…

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