rancid - honor is all we knowOver two decades into their illustrious career, punk rock icons Rancid have produced their fair share of frantic punk albums packed with anthems. From “And Out Come The Wolves” to “Let’s Go” and “Life Won’t Wait” as well as the unfairly maligned “Indestructible”, the bands back catalogue speaks for itself. Most band’s discographies will show they have their fair share of clangers, such as the bands “self titled” effort and the pretty poor recent addition “Let The Dominoes Fall”. Now after five years of waiting the band are ready to unleash their newest album “Honor Is All We Know”, will it be worth the wait or will it result in the band becoming a full time nostalgic greatest hits band?

Well the good news for Rancid‘s mohawked congregation, “Honor Is All We Know” is a real return to form for the band, completely eclipsing Rancid’s previous lacklustre release “Let The Dominoes Fall”. They’ve returned as a more solid unit on this album which combined with their killer song writing makes this a fantastic punk rock record. The likes of ‘Collision Course’ and the title track ‘Honor Is All We Know’ are anthems that will fit into the live sets almost seamlessly with classics such as ‘Ruby Soho’ and ‘Radio’.

The resurgence of Lars Frederiksen as a vocalist really lifts the album and allows for some excellent trade offs with the always charismatic Tim Armstrong; his vocals lift the record highly and show just how much he was missed on the last album. Tim Armstrong’s signature swagger is still an ever present feature as he is on every Rancid album, but on this one Armstrong sounds a lot more energetic, whilst delivering his signature gravelly tone.

Overall, “Honor Is All We Know” sees Rancid produce their best record in almost a decade as well as crafting some of their finest songs in some time. With both Frederiksen and Armstrong on fine form vocally the album sees the band hit a real return to form allowing them show the world that they are still able to deliver the quality they have produced in the past.

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