Halloween night, and one of the biggest shows that the Alma Inn has hosted, as the recently reunited Raging Speedhorn visit as a warm up for the main stage appearance at Damnation Festival in Leeds the following day. Following on from other big shows such as San Francisco hardcore band First Blood and Bam Margera’s FuckFace Unstoppable, this one drew another large and expectant crowd for the small Bolton venue.

Before all that, there were three support bands to open up the evening. Manchester “party sludge” four piece Nomad opened the proceedings, a fine choice and perfect setup for the night ahead. Always good numbers to see the support bands at the Alma too, so right from the off, the atmosphere was building. Boss Keloid and Jacknife Holiday rounded off the undercard nicely for this show, as the expectancy grew and the sludge seemed to be getting heavier.

The headliners then took to the stage and the already packed pub became even busier as the crowd gathered to catch a very special show.. A set culled exclusively from their first two albums, it soon descended into the sweaty chaos that has marked many gig here, only this time, it seemed much more chaotic.

With both vocalists on fine form, Frank perched on top of the PA and John pacing menacingly behind him, the band tore through an hour-long set and the pit grew more and more violent with every passing track. The set bounced between the self-titled debut and follow up ‘We Will Be Dead Tomorrow’ starting with ‘Knives & Faces’ then straight into ‘Dungeon Whippet’. The show featured all of the crowd pleasers such as ‘Fuck The Voodooman’, ‘The Gush’ and of course ‘Thumper’, the latter coming before closer ‘High Whore’, bringing to an end a night which will be hard to top by any show, big or small. As usual when members of the band have previously played their with other bands, that was only the start of the night, things got louder and more surreal as the night went on. A triumph not only that it was such a good gig, but that everyone who was going, made it to Damnation after such a brutal night.

Raging Speedhorn Setlist:

Knives & Faces – Dungeon Whippet – Superscud – The Hate Song – Iron Cobra – Fuck The Voodooman – Scrapin’ The Resin – Me And You Man – The Gush – Thumper – High Whore

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