“It’s not cool to like Powerman 5000” is a phrase loads of industry types have thrown my way with a complete list of why’s and wherefores. The one thing none of them will tell you is just how fun listening to Powerman 5000 is and sometimes isn’t that what music is all about!

I speak as someone who has a Powerman 5000 logo tattooed on my left wrist and has liked them so long that I bought “Tonight the Stars Revolt” from a Tower Records store… Yeah, remember those?

So when Powerman 5000 were announced for Download, naturally I was excited and I was hoping they would play a set full of hits I could dance in the sunshine to, and thankfully that is just what Spider and the boys did.

I love nostalgia as much as the next guy, whether it’s in an ironic way or not, but the thing I love about Download Festival is that it manages to mix the old and the new together. In the same weekend I can see bands I love now, bands I will love next year and bands I loved when getting into the scene. Powerman 5000 fall into the latter category as a band that helped get me into the metal scene during the nu metal boom and it seems at least live the band still knows how to kill it.

Opening with ‘Invade.Destroy.Repeat’ from their recently released ‘Builders of the Future’ album, the band, of which Spider One is the only original member, manages to bring a lot of energy to their criminally short set and get people moving. Whilst the energy levels never drop, it would have been nice to see a few more people giving them a shot.

Spider is still a brilliant frontman, who may or may not have learnt all of his best moves from his bigger brother, and the new band behind him is quite tight. When they get to the hits ‘Nobody’s Real’, ‘When World’s Collide’ and ‘Bombshell,’ which see’s two guys in the crowd give their mate a 3D in front of us (it’s a WWE thing in case you were wondering), all in all it’s good to see Poweman 5000 still going strong and still managing to kick ass this far into their career and they do it by being an absolute blast of pure fun.

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Photo credit: Tom Martin