Overkill - White Devil ArmoryThink about how long some of the bands you listen to have been around 20 plus years. There are a lot of bands on that list, right? Now, think about how many of those are metal bands. Still quite a few, but not as many on that list. Now let’s narrow it down to thrash metal bands. That is a fairly short list, especially when you consider how many of those bands are still actually putting out thrash metal records these days. One of the bands at the top of that list has to be Overkill. Formed in 1980, Overkill has been one of the strongest purveyors of the thrash metal genre. Overkill recently released their eighteenth studio album, “White Devil Armory,” on July 22, 2014.

“White Devil Armory” starts out like most Overkill albums do; with a little bit of an intro and a complete rager. ‘Armorist,’ the lead single of the album and sure fire addition to their live set list, is blistering signature Overkill east coast thrash. If one song on the album shows these guys haven’t lost a step in 34 years (!?!) nothing will. The rest of the album follows ‘Armorist’ lead, each one moshing after the next. ‘PIG’ is particularly interesting for the crazy lyrics if for nothing else. ‘Freedom Rings’ opens with a montage of familiar riffs before dragging you back in the pit. ‘Another Day to Die’ brings the tempo down just enough to let you swing a little harder. The power metal flavor of ‘In the Name’ harkens back to something off of the “Taking Over” album.

If you have kept up with the last three albums from Chaly’s boys, “White Devil Armory” will sound familiar to you. The production quality and overall flavor are similar to “The Electric Age,” “Ironbound,” and “Immortalis.” This definitely not a bad thing, as the last three records all sounded really good as well.

Overkill is not just a band, they are an institution. The perseverance, dedication, and persistence Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth and DD Verni have shown over the last three decades to this band and their music is nothing short of remarkable. “White Devil Armory” is a welcome addition to the legacy that is Overkill.

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