Definitely one to file under uneasy listening. The small Eyesore Stage struggled to contain the huge sounds that Barcelona based five piece Obsidian Kingdom brought with them to this years Damnation Festival. Only a short set but one that switched effortlessly between monstrous riffs and some more chilled out melodic passages.

Obsidian Kingdom were one of the bands to suffer from sound issues which seemed to plague the smallest stage at this years event, but it didn’t seem to do them much damage as you could still follow the many twists and turns that the band took during their brief but excellent set. Egged on by an impressive sized crowd, they laid down an impressive standard for the other bands to follow.

And Then It Was (Oktopus remix)
Last Of The Light
Genteel To Mention
Awake Until Dawn (Necro Deathmort remix)
Cinnamon Balls
Fingers In Anguish
And Then It Was

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