Obe - Partners“Partners” by Obe is a blistering, fiercely melodic, post-rock tour de force. It is an ’up’ album that is full of energy & an enthusiasm for life, it rocks in the best way – it lifted me up as a listener and kept me there during the 55 minute duration.

Obe know how to create the best guitar-orientated, instrumental post-rock … they understand the key role dynamics play and eagerly provide the kind of contrast in their songs that fans of the genre lap up. Loud, hard & fast is levelled with quiet, soft & slow … all done with Obe’s conscientious care for their craft and propensity towards hard graft.

What’s more, Obe‘s music is wonderfully, fiercely melodic. They make music, not sounds, and really do pour their heart and soul into each track they release. “Partners” is a love letter of sorts to their chosen genre & anyone ’reading it’ will easily see how much they love guitar-orientated instrumental post-rock.

One more thing that jumps out at me as I listen to this album is how tight Obe play as a unit. At times their music is blistering with timing your average Math Rock band would be extremely proud of. They make it sound easy and kudos to them for this.

Tracks like ’standard fog’ with its intricate yet playful timing or the album-opener ‘antifragile’ with its brute-force ooomph are prime examples of the content presented on “Partners” … content that is exemplary of the post-rock genre.

“Partners” by Obe is a blistering, fiercely melodic, post-rock tour de force and very enjoyable ride at that. Obe do not put a foot wrong.

The only thing that surprises me about this album is that it is self-released. They should be on Fluttery Records or an equivalent label … all they need is some decent exposure & the sky’s the limit. I expect to hear great things from Obe … they deserve to have far-reaching success.

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