Nux Vomica - Nux VomicaNux Vomica, well I have to admit I am late to this party too, in fact I will probably be late to my own funeral but at least I will show up to that and I am glad Ryan told me to listen to this one. That is the beauty of having friends who are into the same kind of music as you, you catch more than you normally would. This is the first new material from these guys in about five years, does the break affect their release, lets see?

As I implied, this is my first go around with this band, break, what break? The opening riffs and beat certainly don’t give way to anything but polished musicians. I am glad I hate buckets and genre names because I would have no idea how to categorize this one. I can hear punk, a little doom, little blacker metal, and on and on. It suffices to say Nux Vomica bring it hard and lay it right in your face. Only three tracks with the shortest one in at 11 minutes and the longest in at 19 minutes, maybe that’s where I get the doomy vibe from. Up first is ‘Sanity is for the Passive’, and approaches you slow and heavy on the riff and beat side, then just explodes in as things kick in full force. Its more of a melodic explosion but this one sets off without a doubt. The vocals are delivered in full guttural screams and that style is right in there with the music.

‘Reeling’, starts off like any good doomier track, slow note picking on the lower end with bass accents. This one is a nice slow burn with great build up, nicely showcasing their music talent, and some cool tempo changes to boot. Towards the end it drops into a more melodic sound, not in the get your lighter out and sway sense but for this style even paced, riffs and beat well crafted, vocals screamed but well delivered into the mood of the music.

‘Choked at the Roots’ is an interesting closer to say the least. A little more even tempo to this one, with some surprisingly mainstream sounding riffs and hooks. Seems like an odd combination but it really works on this one. This is one of those songs where everyone takes a turn to add their own flair to the song, its 20 minutes long, so why not, but it just works. This one is my favorite one of the three, if I had to pick one. Its crafted with so many ebbs and flows, that the best way to experience this one is in pitch black room with the headphones on. There are so many nuances to this track, it take many many plays to even begin to explore it in totality.

My take on Nux Vomica is excellent, this is essential listening for 2014 and beyond. It’s a brutal mesh of styles resulting in a sheer pummeling to your senses. Nux Vomica I may be late to the party but I am here for the duration now! This one party that no one should miss and again I am left to ponder what exactly do they put in the water in the pacific northwest to produce this caliber of music. As my friend Ryan said, whatever is in the water I want some, well me to!

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