Nothing More - Nothing MoreAfter making their UK debut at this summer’s Download Festival. US Alt metallers Nothing More are preparing to drop their latest self titled album and look to make a big impression in the UK.

The album meshes a rainbow of genres, smashing them together to create a collage of melodic, technical, heavy and atmospheric radio metal. Confused? You will be. The best way I can describe the album is to imagine the offspring of a cross between Karnivool, Billy Talent, The Defiled and Devil Sold His Soul, With a slab of At The Drive In thrown in for good measure.

Whilst sounding like it would take a pile of brodie’s notes to get to grips with their sound, the actual album is amazingly accessible, filled to the brim with amazing melodies, catchy choruses and some of the best vocal structures you will hear all year. The At The Drive In/Tool heavily inspired vocals weave between the frenetic time signatures that flow like waves through the album and the techy beefy riffs that give the album the crunch to appear on US Radio stations.

Despite being rather frenetic and heavy “Nothing More” does have its quiet moments, practically stretches of almost post uses of electronics which are mainly used to give the tracks moments to breath before the next onslaught of riffage or vocals take over the listener once again. The album sound incredibly modern with great use of electronics throughout the tracks which really brings them to life and especially bring out the best in the vocals through the contrast to the soaring heights of the vocal lines.

“Nothing More” is certainly more than your standard radio metal or metalcore album, it washes over you like a flood with its superb use of flow and emotion that radiates from every note on the album. Managing to meld so many distinct and clashing sounds together on one album is an impressive feet for a band who are only recently beginning to emerge from the shadows.

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