near-death-condition-_-evolving-toward-extinctionNear Death Condition are a Swiss death metal band and have just released “Evolving Towards Extinction”, their third full-length. I pulled it from the ThisIsNotAScene promo collection a bit late but I jumped at the chance to review it nevertheless, and why these guys aren’t better known is a mystery to me. I discovered them when I came across their previous album “The Disembodied – In Spiritual Spheres”. I thought it ruled but flew under the radar. Now Near Death Condition is back, again with minimal fanfare.

This band gets a big, big sound. The guitars are dense, the drums are fat even when they are blasting and the mix is satisfyingly rich in bass. “Evolving Towards Extinction” is sometimes so dense it’s almost impenetrable, but if you’re in the market for a juggernaut of suffocating death metal you should check it out. Less overtly, or stereotypically, more “technical death metal” than what you may think, when you see that they’re on Unique Leader Records, the arrangements on offer here are a mixture of hyperblasts and molten, lurching riffs.

The Trey Azagthoth influence is big on “Evolving Towards Extinction”, especially in the sludgy rhythms of ‘Pandemic of Ignorance’ and ‘The Anatomy of Disgust.’ Not sure whether it’s Patrick or Stéphane (both are listed as guitarists on the band’s Encyclopaedia Metallum page), but there is also some flanger use of Morbid Angel-worthy heaviness on this record.

Like a good meal, it’s about the complimentary seasonings as much as the meat and potatoes, and the nine second choral vocal sample that closes ‘Praise the Lord of Negation’ is choice! The extended, melodic guitar solo on album closer ‘Nostalgia for Chaos’ is another ear-catching example. Details like these, which repeated hearings dredge to the surface, reveal the level of attention to detail and studio craft that this talented and rising band brings to the death metal scene.

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