Mos Generator - Electric Mountain MajestyWow! Has it really been over a year since Mos Generator blew me away with their last album “Nomads”? That one came after a pretty long hiatus so it’s good to know that the acclaim that “Nomads” received seems to have galvanised the band. Saying that “Electric Mountain Majesty” is a much darker records than we’re used to but maybe that’s down to the guys having toured with St.Vitus last year!

‘Beyond The Whip’ is your typical album opener, an urgent and swift chugger, but feels like no more than an appetiser and cuts up slightly disjointed when the solo comes in.Luckily the fantastic guitar intro into ‘Nothing Left But Night’ puts me at ease and gets my juices flowing. It has some badass tones and groovy riffs with many pace changes, but it’s all killer.

What sounds like cellos, multiple tracked vocals and prowling bass herald ‘Enter The Fire’, and right from the off this tune feels huge. It has a delicious tension and lascivious vibe – now you’d hardly call Mos Generator experimental but this proves that they can surprise and even innovate.

That darkness starts to descend now and ‘Spectres’ has got that Down-style New Orleans sludgy, blues swagger. It’s extended guitar coda is one for the true metal heads.’Neon Nightmare’ gets heavier and darker still, this one with a massive grinding doom riff and a bottom end to rattle your ribcage, the little guitar fills during the chorus again bring Down to mind.

‘Breaker’ bounds in on a Judas Priest rollicking riff but Tony‘s vocals have still got that bluesier Paul Stanley delivery, which makes them almost unique.Talking of unique – it’s got a classic Mos Generator catchy bridge too, and the breakdown startled me by suddenly reminding me of Clutch and you start to realise these guys do share a similar heavy soulful sound.

Just to hammer that point home the title track is a a swinging psychedelic vision which could have sat comfortably on the “Earth Rocker” album. The awesome drumming by Shawn sealing the deal at the close.

Now and then you hear a song that just makes you want to play it LOUD to everybody in the world and shout –

“This! This is what I like! This rules and if you don’t like it then you can fuck off!”

‘Black Magic Mirror’ is such a song. It’s got that sexed-up stoner Monster Magnet orgiastic acid trip vibe and it makes me glad to be alive and the owner of working ears and testicles. Put that on your fucking t-shirts Mos Generator! It weirdly kind of bleeds right into closing tune ‘Heavy Ritual’ but it’s all good and extends the righteous stoner atmosphere till the very end but with added yearning and sophistication!

The last album “Nomads” had a compact, uniform excellence. This one is more sprawling and patchy but still chock full of great tunes. I hope it doesn’t feel like long till the next one rolls around, Mos Generator are really spoiling us at the moment.

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