I was so taken with Monolord‘s “Empress Rising” that I was able to catch up with Mika and talk all things Monolord.

Tell us a bit about your history

Well, our history as a band is quite short actually. We’ve all been playing in different bands all our lives and not until one year ago we got together. Thomas and Esben had been playing in Marulk before and I (Mika) knew Esben through some other projects. I had been looking for a long time a project to play some heavy riffing with, which was great timing, since Esben and Thomas had recently started to write songs for Monolord.

Do you need or use any special gear to wrench for that glorious low end sound of Monolord

The love of fuzz and heavy bass brought us all together. Both me and Thomas have a big pile of fuzzpedals and distortions that we’ve been buying through the years. So it’s been a journey to the sound that we make. And Esben is a wizard when he sits by the mixing table. And coffee is necessary. Lots and lots of coffee.

Enlighten us on the backstory and meaning and history of the track Empress Rising

‘Empress Rising’ was the first song that was made for Monolord. It started out as a jam with Thomas, Esben and Marulk’s bassplayer Danne Palm. Danne wrote the lyrics for the song also.

What about Audhumbla

The main riff is actually something like 6 years old riff Thomas was playing with. And now finally it became a song. It’s a instrumental take on the huge primeval cow of the Norse mythology.

And Harbinger of Death (we don’t use the word Harbinger these days), Icon, and Watchers of the Waste

Like most of our songs, ‘Harbinger of Death’, ‘Icon’ and ‘Watchers of The Waste’, are about dark mythological things. The darkness lurking behind every corner. We’re fans of horror stories, films and such. I’ve been always drawn to books about the devil, about ghosts and demons. And of course all sorts of science fiction. So most of the texts tend to describe those visions.

 What does the balance of 2014 hold for Monolord, major tours planned?

We’re right now planning on playing live as much as we can 2014. We’ve got some people working with us to make everything happen. Hopefully we can tell everybody the tour dates soon.

Do you have any reason why there is such a resurgence of doom metal these last couple of year, true quality acts from around the globe?

I think it’s the same reason that applies to a lot of other music. Many have gotten tired of the mainstream music and the way it’s force-fed to us. That’s why the Doom-scene, Stoner-scene and the Psychedelic rock-scene are growing and as they get more fans, they also inspire people to make good music.

Any final thoughts you would like to share

We’ve been all really awed about the reaction people have been giving us and we hope to see all of you on stage somewhere. We for sure can’t wait to get on tour!

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