Lost Society - Terror HungryLike the zombies that comprise a fair portion of its lyrical content, thrash metal shows no sign of dying just yet, instead it seems destined to relentlessly batter at the defences society has erected to keep this irradiated 80s ghoul at bay. While bands at the forefront of the thrash revival such as Municipal Waste and Evile have managed to survive for an impressive amount of time, most of the also-rans that jumped on the bandwagon have thankfully fallen by the wayside. So it’s a nice change to discover a modern thrash band with their own identity that don’t just make you want to give “Bonded by Blood” a spin to erase the memories. Finnish quartet Lost Society are that band.

With enough piss n’ vinegar surging through their veins to give the members of Metallica a coronary, the members of Lost Society attack their instruments with relish throughout the entirety of their sophomore album “Terror Hungry.” Tracks such as the frantic ‘Attaxic’ and the early Megadeth worshipping ‘Game Over’ may employ many of the tactics that anyone with a passing understanding of the genre will expect, but they are infused with a lethal energy and restless aggression that gives the songs what so many of their contemporaries lack; balls and teeth. Even the more standard riff workouts like ‘Snowroad Blowout’ come packed with punch and are custom built to cause mayhem in the pit at the drop of a peaked cap.

Vocalist Sammy Elbanna is not averse to the occasional high pitched squeal but for the most part his vocals are shouted gruffly as if he were hollering for another beer rather than wishing he were James Hetfield at his local church picnic. Aided on the guitar by Arttu Lesonen, their riffs are serrated in the right places, hefty enough to chug through the pounding ‘Tyrant Takeover’ and never feel derivative, a particular achievement in this genre. The frequent boisterous solos are a welcome if expected bonus. The nimble, clanking bass of Mirko Lehtinen keeps time with ease while drummer Ossi Paananen hits everything hard, fast and without mercy. All these elements combine on the brilliant ‘Overdosed Brain’ which feels like an updated version of ‘Sweating Bullets’ with added swagger, power and passion.

One downside is that at 48 minutes, “Terror Hungry” is far too long and some of the enjoyment does begin to wear off towards the end. However, with all the members playing so well, the levels of energy on display and for breathing some much needed life into a genre that is at risk of ending up dead on its feet, Lost Society deserve to be let off. One banger of an album that it’s pretty much impossible to dislike.

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