Krokodil - NachashIt always gives a new band an extra edge and causes the ears of music journos to prick up when they have a member that’s doing overtime in another band – a band that is legendary and almost peerless in the modern metal scene.

So I have high hopes for Krokodil bearing in mind they boast not one but two members of the utterly magnificent SiKth.

Ok, you thought I was going to mention a certain other band – and yes, Gallows are stunning too, but let’s get back to the music.

Opening with dirty great riffs and barked vocals, Krokodil come out of the starting gate like so many other metal bands but soon it becomes clear there is a wealth of experience, talent and well-earned confidence on display here. This is finely honed and crafted with attention to detail in every department.

The guitar duelling is frantic at times but with an assured melodic sensibility and the myriad time changes keep it moving and keep it interesting. No sooner have you locked into a satisfying groove before it veers off down fresh avenues and draws you further into the maelstrom.

What is evident throughout is what a phenomenal talent Dan Foord is. This blend of power riffing and death metal vocals can meander along a well-trodden path if there isn’t sufficient percussive flair but the rhythm section from Sikth is the way to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Fat thundering riffs attack once more with ‘Dead Man’s Path’ and it is impossible not to call to mind Slipknot, but there is also a flavour of classic Prong and a touch of Black Dahlia Murder ferocity peppered throughout “Nachash”.

‘Reptilia Familiar’ lurches and twitches with unsettling menace and ‘Porcelain Bones’ calls to mind Alex Venturella‘s former crew, the woefully underrated Cry For Silence.

Things step down a gear for the claustrophobic lullaby of ‘The Collapse’ which seethes and crawls its way along until ‘Sleep Well Medusa’ snaps back with a whiplash charge. ‘Sun Riders’ is another tour de force from behind the drumkit and the closing soundscape of ‘Phyllotaxis’ is a stunning parting shot; an aural wasteland where Gojira and Voivod fuck Killing Joke in a burning shed.

With the talents of A‘s Daniel P. Carter also in the mix, this album promises a huge amount and thankfully delivers on every front. Expect big things in the future and if you didn’t catch them live with Mastodon then keep an eye for more live dates in 2015.

Krokodil – Official Website