kodiak jack - AlhambraSeveral months ago Portsmouth based rock band Kodiak Jack released their second album, unfortunately this reviewer got a little bit too involved in listening to it and totally forgot to actually review it…

Opening with ‘Get Out Alive’, the band waste no time in firing up all cylinders to rock your face off, make no mistake, this is no deathcore, metalcore, post-hardcore, Andrea Corr kind of music. It is straight up, balls to the wall ROCK, which I am sure many would agree there isn’t enough of these days.

Recorded with Brian Wheat, of Tesla fame, ‘Alhambra’ is proof of what hard work can achieve, no gimmicks, no guttural roars, no glass shattering screams, just one well constructed song after the other. As ‘Wasted Youth’ states “Ain’t no stopping us now, we got something to say” and that something could well be “We have arrived”.

‘More Than This’ has a hint of a grungy Black Stone Cherry about it, while ‘Crossfire’ has us instantly banging our heads and ‘THEM’, keeps the energy up, it’s hard not to feel exhausted simply listening to the album.

‘No Surrender’ is destined to be a live favourite, but it’s on ‘Waves’ where the band really takes their musicianship up a notch. Album closer ‘Coming Home’ sounds like an epic as soon as it starts – and it is the longest track on here – and you can almost hear Kodiak Jack’s pride coming through it, which is totally justified as this is a big sounding album full of hooks for a band who only released their debut in 2011 and I recommend you try and catch them on a future tour.

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