King Parrot - Bite Your Head OffBite Your Head Off” is the debut album from Australian band King Parrot, one of the most vicious and extreme bands to emerge from our antipodean neighbours in an age. Part hardcore, part death metal, all scatalogiocal madness, “Bite Your Head Off” is not the record that you are going to be playing at your next dinner party- not unless you want the guests to leave in a hurry, that is. Please don’t see that last remark as a criticism as it is anything but. However, you do need to know what you are letting yourself in for which is seventeen tracks of unremitting and piledriving mayhem.

Having honed their craft over the past couple of years now, building a not inconsiderable reputation on the live circuit there was always going to be a sense of anticipation of whether they could turn their frenzied and furious live show into something that you would keep coming back to via your cd player or iPod. That live experience has seemingly done them plenty of favours as “Bite Your Head Off” is a brutal assault of a record. It comes crashing in, arms flailing, guns blazing and then doesn’t let up for a second, unleashing aural uppercut after aural uppercut- there is so much energy on display here you become convinced that the band have shares in a well known energy drink, such is the remorselessness of their attack.

No song here lasts more than three minutes- you get the idea that most of them can’t because the band need to take a breather between their extreme snatches of aural excess. Have a listen to ‘Pyschotherapy and Valium’, the title track, or the entirely bonkers mad ‘Lawnmower Dog’ and you will understand exactly what I mean. On ‘The Stench of Hardcore Pub Trash’ there is an attempt to create a hardcore singalong (and very admirable an attempt it is too) but you know they are messing about as (ab)normal service is resumed on the none-more-absurd ‘Off The Bone’.

“Bite Your Head Off” has a punk, DIY ethic running through it as well as a dark, black humour- you get the sense that the band aren’t taking this entirely seriously although the effect of their art and its application is entirely serious in its effect on the listener. “Bite Your Head Off” is raucous, uncouth, rude, scatalogical and completely compelling.

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