Following their triumphant return in 2012, black metal legends (formerly GorgorothGod Seed released the album “I Begin.” TINAS’ Dewie asked bassist King a few questions about the band, the album and a few other things. It took over a year to get response from the band but they were sure worth the wait!

First of all, congratulations on a stunning new album (album of the week here at ThisIsNotAScene w/c October 14, 2012). How long has it taken from writing to recording through to mixing?

It should have been the album of the decade, or at least the year, but I guess “album of the week” isn’t too bad all considered. It`s been awhile since we wrote and recorded the album, but I guess it took us about 18 months all together.

Looking back to the Wacken show and the dispute over the band name, God Seed seemed to start out as simply Gorgoroth under a new name. This album now seems to have very much given the band its own identity. Was that a conscious decision to become a new entity or do you simply see this as the next step in the evolution of what was Gorgoroth?

I see it as a natural step for in the working relationship I have with Gaahl. One should never release the same album twice. All records we have made together sounds different. “Twilight of the idols” sounds different than “Ad Majorem Satanhas Gloriam”, and “Ad Majrom” is different than “I Begin”. What we released under the Gorgoroth banner earlier we now do as God Seed. Whatever we have released is a result of the creative process between the two of us. That said, we do now have new members in God Seed that have put their signature on what is to be found on “I Begin”.

It must be great to have Gaahl back seeing as he has been away from metal for a while. Has his experience in theater and other forms of music added something to the sound of the album?

I wouldn’t know about that.  This would be better question for him to answer. I guess however it`s hard to be totally aware of where you creative impulses come from at all times. It`s really not that important regardless. One shouldn’t over-think when creating. Sometimes it destroys the purity of it.

Did you ever get to a point where you thought the two of you may not work together again – did the whole music business side of it get in the way?

There have been some distractions over the years. I guess both of us are narrow minded and to some level rather egocentric. We are very different as individuals but for some reason something happens when we work together that is totally unique and can`t be reproduced or copied of others. We have worked together for 15 years now and at the moment it seems like we ll continue for a few more.

What are the main lyrical themes for this album – is it still focused very much on Satanism and religion as a whole or is there a wider perspective?

There are lyrical themes on this album which are quite similar to what we presented in Gorgoroth, but it`s presented in a more personal way this time. It`s more inwards and spiritual than accusing. Gaahl is really a wizard of words and depths and levels of his is writing it seems like few people have the capacity to grasp. People seem to have to little to time on their hands to be able to reflect when they could gain knowledge or simply don’t have time to listen to themselves to be able to listen to others. Most of the time its just unintelligent garbage presented you lyrically in the metal scene anyways, so that might also be why some have stopped paying attention to whats being said.

European fans will be glad to see you back on the road with Cult of Luna soon. Will you be airing a lot of new material?

We will go on a Co-headlining European tour with Cult of Luna in May. We wanted to do a tour with a band that is not closely linked to the extreme metal scene. That`s because we don`t view ourselves as part of any scene and that we want to present our art and message to a new audience. We will play some of our older compositions but there will be some new material as well.

Much of the material really benefits from Geir Bratland’s keyboards – were the parts already written before he came in or has he composed some of the material with you?

I worked closely with Geir on the keyboard parts. I had a pretty good idea on how I wanted the key parts to sound like prior we started making them, but both of us had some creative input on the final result. We actually made all key parts in his home studio during 5 hectic days. I am satisfied with the outcome of it and we worked well together making them.

What about other projects in the pipeline – you always seem to be very busy with more than one musical venture?

I am currently busy writing music for the next God Seed album. I am very satisfied with what I have made so far. Besides of God Seed I’m doing Temple of the Black Moon with Dani Filth, Rob Caggiano (Volbeat), John Tempesta (The Cult) and Ice Dale.  I was in Los Angeles this summer recording the drums with John, so the material is already made. It has taken some while getting the record out since Rob has been tied up with Volbeat. The plan is to release an album during 2014 though. I’ve also got a non-musical project going with Dani Filth. We are about to take a journey to do some soul cleansing. Besides of that I am pregnant.

What music do you listen to and draw inspiration from these days?

I don`t really have any musical inspirations outside of myself at the moment. I did however get into the art of Joe Coleman recently. I met him during a tour I did with Celtic Frost in 2006, but I did not really pay to much attention to his art before I saw a documentary about him. It seems like his worldview on humankind is quite similar to mine. I do think there is a link between what I make musically and what he paint, without it being obvious just looking at the surface.

Are there many new bands in the Norwegian metal scene that seem to have that same spark of originality and determination that launched Gorgoroth and several others in the early days of Black Metal?

I would not know. I am not paying much attention to new bands. I would however surprise me if there aren’t a few bands around capable of changing metal ones again. It`s however been awhile since I’ve heard bands with that power myself. There are a few youngsters in Norway playing 80`s trash who might think they are true or changing things up, but they are really just conserving music and styles which are already well documented on older records. Too bad such talent wouldn’t use their energy on creating a voice for themselves. Someone will however come soon a stir things up again.

Thank you very much for taking the time to talk with us and we look forward to seeing you on the road.

Jolly talking to you too!

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