John Wesley - DisconnectJohn Wesley is mainly known as the touring guitarist for both Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree. He’s also an in demand session player and producer. Every now and then he releases a solo record. His latest solo outing is an album entitled “Disconnect”.

The new John Wesley album is as emotionally charged as it is musically rich and diverse. Influences range from Roger Waters to Rush and unintentionally to the lighter side Smashing Pumpkins and Tool/A Perfect Circle as well. A band like Anathema is a reference as well, especially as far as feel and texture goes.

Mr Wesley is most of all a very gifted songwriter and singer. His vocals really give me goosebumps in songs like ‘Any Old Saint’, ‘Windows’ and the ˆ inspired ‘How Goes The War’. Also the guitar solos in the aforementioned ‘Any Old Saint’ and the title track alone are worth buying the album.

“Disconnect” is very much worth your attention if you’re into emotive prog/alt rock. Hopefully this album will bring John Wesley more renown than just being the touring member for Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson. Absolutely soul-stirring music!

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