The impending release of death metal legends Obituary‘s “Inked In Blood“, got me thinking about how long I have listened to this band and how things have changed. When the opportunity came up to throw a few questions at Obituary, I jumped at the chance.

 All the metal/Obituary fans are excited for the release of “Inked in Blood” on October 28, Are you more excited to get this out there?

Really excited and for the album to be coming out as our tour with Carcass is starting it is going to be fun.

After listening to the album for the last week, it really felt like you guys went all out for this record, like you were on a mission. Do you agree with that?

We had fun I can tell you that. I think that is what is most important and if you are having a good time, good music will follow. Engineering and producing it ourselves was a good challenge too and really kept us focused.

Bassist Terry Butler and guitarist Kenny Andrews have been in the band
for a while now, but this is the first time they participated in recording an
Obituary album. What techniques did they bring to the band that haven’t
been present before?

We have know both of them for so long that is just kind of feels like they have been around the whole time. We are just so happy with the line up right now that is makes for a lot of fun. I think both their styles are perfect for us and we are just really to go out and tear up.

You guys went the route of using Kickstarter to help fund “Inked in Blood.” Your initial goal was to raise $10k, but the fans crushed that total with over $60k. Now that’s impressive! Did you have any idea at all the number would be that high?

Never heard of Kickstarter before we did it and never expected anything like that. It has given us more control and ownership over our music like never before and we really have the greatest fans in the world.

Is there a certain song on this album that means more to you than the others, or one that you love playing live already?

I think ‘Visions in my Head’ is one of the best and most complete songs we have ever written. Crushes live! …who puts acoustic guitars in death metal…

As most everyone knows Obituary was one of the pioneering bands of the Florida death metal scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s. How have you seen your contemporaries change in the last decade or so?

We have been very lucky I guess. It is nice to see our old fans still coming out to see us and it is nice to see younger fans coming out for the first time. It has been awesome!

What do you think of death metal’s evolution?

All I know is our shows are bigger than ever and we are having a blast. Metal will always be around and has its ups and downs just like all music but right now it is great.

With every new release comes the tour to follow, is there anything you can hint on now that is already confirmed?

Our new CD comes out right at the start of our tour with Carcass in America. That runs right into the Death to All Tribute tour also in America. We are in Europe in January/ February for a headlining tour and are also confirming more European Summer Festivals like With Full Force and Wacken right now.

What are some of your favorite countries to perform in?

We have fun all over. So many good fans it is hard to say but Holland has been really good lately…must be something in the air.

What are some of your pet peeves while out on the road?

I dont know…we just look at it like working 23 hours a day and having one hour off every night on stage…

What is your stance on people who constantly take pictures/video with their cellphones during your show. Does it get on your nerves or does it not bother you that much?

It does not bother me too much but sometimes it’s like just get a life and enjoy the show.

For me, I was 18 years old when the band released “Slowly We Rot” and that album instantly blew my mind. Now I have 2 sons who love metal music. How great is it to see the late 80’s/early 90’s generation bringing their kids to your shows?

It is awesome. Seeing fans that have been there from the beginning and newer and younger fans coming out for the first time…that is what makes it work.

Please tell me something about you that you never talk about in interviews?

…doing them over the phone is much better…typing sucks.

Recording albums, promoting and touring take up a lot of your time. What helps you unwind when your home?

Love sports and enjoying the outdoors.

What have been currently listening to?

Always listening to all kinds of stuff. The newest Carcass CD is great.

Well thank you so much for taking the time today to do this interview, and congrats on the new album. Do you have anything else you’d like to say to the diehard fans or to the people who might be selecting “Inked in Blood” to be their first Obituary listening experience?

The new CD is out soon and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we have enjoyed writing it. Lots of show coming up so come out and see us. Thanks.

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