John Garcia - John GarciaAs Stoner Rock icons go there aren’t many bigger than John Garcia. Through his work with Unida, Slo Burn and obviously the stoner pioneers that were Kyuss, Garcia has morphed the stoner genre into what it has become today. With his trademark wailing accompanied by Josh Homme’s now legendary guitar tone, the two laid the blue print for every band to come who borrowed from the pairs new infamous “Desert Sound.”

Garcia’s first self-titled solo album certainly doesn’t put the cat amongst the pigeons; in fact, it sounds exactly what you would imagine a John Garcia solo album would sound like. Massive riffs, high wailing vocals underpinned by killer grooves and of course the occasional “YAYUHHHHH” which occur throughout the album. From the first track ‘My Mind’ you will know what you are in for, this is pure four four Unida era Garcia with all the mannerisms and traits you would come to expect.

The album hits its peak with the track ‘5000 miles’ a bluesy stomper which sonically resembles of Garcia’s work on the first Unida album “Coping with the Urban Coyote”. The record also has a lot of laid back bass heavy tracks which add a chilled out desert vibe to the album in between the heavy riffage with the likes of “The BLVD” being a particular highlight.

Though it won’t convert anyone else to the cause, John Garcia’s first solo album does exactly what it sets out to do and will please diehards and the already converted. Treading the line between Kyuss and Unida but falling more into the later the album is by far a vast improvement on Garcia’s last offering with Vista Chino.

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