Tesseract are a band that is known for forward thinking and for making music as an artistic statement, despite lineup hurdles the band has always soldiered on and gone from strength to strength. We were able to catch up with their drummer Jay Postones over the summer to talk about playing the main stage at Sonisphere Festival, Dan Tompkins rejoining the band, new music and their upcoming tour this winter with Animals as Leaders.

You guys opened the Main Stage of Sonisphere Festival, how was that for you?

It was epic. 30 minutes of insanity really. There was so much energy on the stage, and thousands of people watching as well. It was all a bit rushed to begin with, you kind of just want to go faster than you can. We all play to a metronome going the whole time in our ears, and you have to play in time to that or nothing works. We had to hold ourselves back, there were literally some parts I couldn’t play, because I had that much adrenaline going through my veins.

This is probably one of the more eclectic bills you guys have been on. How do you cater a set to this kind of audience?

I’ll be completely honest. This set is the exact same set we played here 3 years ago, because we’ve had a vocalist shift again, so we played the same set this time that we played with Dan here 3 years ago, because of nostalgia and we thought it would be more fun to do. It was the first show back with Dan, we only had 3 hours of rehearsal prior to the show after 3 years, so we just went for it.

Obviously Dan has come back during a touring cycle for an album you guys released without him. Has that changed the way you do things on this tour?

We are actually at the end of the album touring cycle for the album now. We are out of contract with Century Media and negotiating with other labels. There is going to be new material very, very soon, within the next couple of months. We’ve gotta do something new very quickly, the tour at the end of the year is to solidify ourselves in Europe to really prove ourselves in Europe.

It seems weird to hear you say that you still need to solidify yourself. In my mind you guys have been around forever. I saw you guys play shows back in Portsmouth with my friends band Apnia way back in the day.

We’ve been around since then, but we’ve never done any substantial touring in Europe, we’ve done the odd show here or there. Some of the shows we were headlining to a hundred people maybe, but now we did to go out there and do 500 to 1000 with the shows we are doing, so that’s what we are trying to do.

How did the reunion with Dan come about? Who reached out to who?

We’ve been out on tour for a very long time, since last September, and we only had December off. It just wasn’t working with Ashe, we don’t hold any grudges, we were just way too different in every way, and neither party was looking forward to working on this going forward. We got in touch with Dan, and the only reason he left 3 years ago was because he wasn’t in a position where he could do this. He’s always wanted to do this, and he was finally in a position where he could, he was our first and only choice to do this, and that’s it.

And in closing, because I know you are running short on time, do you have a message out there for all the Tesseract fans?

We’re sorry for messing with everyone’s heads and keep changing vocalists [laughs], but this is actually us, this is actually Tesseract now, and I know we’ve said that before, but this is actually us now. There will be new material very soon, and you can catch us on the road in November with Animals as Leaders.

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