After an evening of great bands, rounding out Thursday’s entertainment is the highly quaint and yet strangely bawdy show of Jaldaboath, the UK’s finest medieval comedy metal export. They manage to channel the hilarity of Monty Python And The Holy Grail and Blackadder through heavy metal, and it works gloriously.

From the opening chants of ‘Roland The Farter’, their set is one long fun party, replete with dancing, headbanging and a fairly large amount of alcohol. Starting the performance in a helmet that resembles a cross between a dustbin and the Black Knight, vocalist Grand Master Jaldaboath is in splendid form throughout the set, both in his grandiose spoken word vocals as heard on ‘Bash The Bishop’, growls in the thrashing ‘Seek The Grail’ and comedic banter between songs (“We have waited 575 years to play here!”).

The various band members providing the soundtrack to this insanity, dressed in templar and friar costumes, are perhaps not as boisterous as Jaldaboath himself, but nonetheless contribute to the jovial atmosphere. Their set zooms by, and by the time the simply ridiculous ‘Axe-Wielding Nuns’ (complete with people in nun costumes!) kicks in, there’s no face without a grin on it. The band, grateful for the roar of approval they receive, exit graciously to join the festivities properly.

Jaldaboath are the perfect way to round out Thursday’s festivities, theatrical and yet with metal cred to back it up. Sally forth, sirs.

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